Since May 2016, RhoMobile Suite was fully open-sourced, enabling the platform to grow, and not be limited to what Zebra can provide. While RhoMobile continues to support both Zebra enterprise devices and consumer devices, many customers utilize the platform for consumer OS devices. Because of this new direction, Zebra will end the sale of RhoMobile suite effective immediately. To assist with this transition a grace period of support will continue through end of June 2017.


Developers: At the beginning of January 2017, we will no longer be supporting RhoMobile through the Developer Portal.  You will be able to search the forums until June 2017, but we will no longer allow new questions effective January.  See below for your support options.


Effective immediately, RhoMobile Suite versions 2.x to 4.x will reach its end-of-sale on Zebra portfolio and RhoMobile Suite version 5.0 and 5.x will reach its End-of-Sale state for licenses.


With these changes, the developer community can select options when creating their applications:

  • For those using cross-platform solutions, RhoMobile supports this through web skills. As a migration path off Zebra, partners TAU Technologies and Kutir Mobility will continue to update and support the open source software.
  • For customers with existing browser solutions, as well as new customers, Enterprise Browser (EB) suits this segment.  EB continues to be a feature-rich web application. New features are developed to align with Mobility DNA and new Zebra device support.
  • For native applications, utilize EMDK for Android.
  • For cross platform applications and developers who have .NET skill set, utilize EMDK for Xamarin.


  For continued Developer support for this product please contact TAU Technologies or Kutir Mobility  effective immediately.  Zebra will maintain this page during the transition period through June 2017, but will cease accepting new forum posts beginning January 1, 2017



1. Q: I have RhoMobile in our application suite, can I still use it?

A: Yes, however, between now and June 30th, 2017 you must decide whether you migrate to Zebra's Enterprise Browser, EMDK for Android, EMDK for Xamarin or stay with Rho, but transition to one of Zebra's partners Kutir or Tau to get the necessary product support. After June 30th, 2017, Zebra will no longer sell Rho and its associated service contract.  It will only honor existing service contracts until they expire. 


2. Q: I have a service contract active for the licenses I purchased, will that be impacted?

A: No, Zebra will honor this service contract, provide the necessary technical support until your contract end date. Contract renewals will no longer be available.


3.  Q: I have an existing Service Contract expiring in April 2020, will I get the technical support I need?

A: Yes, contract will be honored until it expires in April 2020. No contract renewals will be made available.


4.  Q: What if I want to keep running my application with my existing licenses (2.x-4.x) and don’t need support – can I keep using/running that application?

A:  Customers can keep running their existing 2.x – 4.x applications without problem.


5. Q: Will I still be able to build new RhoElements applications after my Silver / Gold subscription period ends?

A: No.


6. Q: Does this affect my RhoConnect license?

A: RhoConnect will no longer be supported but previously distributed perpetual licenses will continue to function.


7. Will applications hosted in the cloud (, formally known as RhoHub) continue to be supported?

            A: No, you should backup any applications currently stored in the cloud and transition to offline builds.


8. Q: How do I transition to the open source RhoMobile Suite?  Where is the open suite forum and code?

A: These questions are covered in the Open Source FAQ:


9. Q: I do not have a license but have built apps using RMS 5.x targeting only Rhodes, will this affect me?

      A: No, you will want to move to the latest open source version of RhoMobile Suite which contains additional features and supported products.