About Genesta

A supply chain systems development and technology deployment firm, Genesta specializes in warehouse inventory management and customized solutions to optimize warehousing and distribution.. Genesta's deep knowledge of bar code data collection, industrial speech recognition, wireless and RFID inventory tracking helps clients improve business performance.


About SyVox

Genesta's SyVox Client, a user interface tool, delivers speech recognition based applications in industrial environments.


Over 20 years of engineering has gone into the development of our audio processing software. All to ensure that the SyVox solution will reliably understands people speaking in noisy environments. That includes the use of SyVox near conveyors, around material handling equipment, and next to machinery.


The client is speaker independent, meaning there is no user training required to get end-users onto and using the system


The Client is Voice XML 2.0 compliant including scripting support. Scripting support allows for complex speech transactions to be encapsulated in an individual XML transaction, minimizing over the air interactions, enabling responsive client side performance.


SyVox improves productivity and accuracy using hands free multimodal data terminals and speech recognition.  Build your own application or leverage SyVox's middleware and back office offerings.  Run SyVox in the cloud or on a single unit.  Scalable from one to hundreds of users, SyVox makes speech easy and affordable.


Demonstration Download

MC40, TC55


MSP Installation Barcodes

Manual Installation

Demonstration Instructions - Note: Requires a headset with noise canceling microphone



Manufacturing, Professional & Consumer Services (Field Mobility), Retail/Hospitality,  Transportation & Logistics, Wholesale Distribution


Application Type

Order Picking, Receiving, Shipping, Cycle Count, Mobile Inspection, Backroom and Delivery Truck Inventory, Human/Machine Interface, Sortation


Main User Interface



Validated Mobile Devices

MC40*, TC55*, MC70, MC3090, MC9090, MC91N0, MC9500, MC9590, WT4090, WT41N0

* demo software only for MC40 and TC55 running Android 4.1 or higher


Contact Information

Zebra Solution Center



Motorola Channel Account Manager

John Banks  

Office Phone: 281-858-6130



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Office Phone: 972-771-1653