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Mobile Epiphany creates enterprise class mobile solutions that improve the productivity and efficiency of today’s mobile workers.


About Touch Mobile


Touch Mobile, the flagship application, can mobilize a wide array of business processes for any workforce on today’s most advanced smartphones and tablets. During the course of an efficient business discovery workshop, Mobile Epiphany will fully assess your business process needs and use that pertinent information to configure a customized solution that your workers can learn to use in the matter of minutes. The value to your workers and the ROI to your company will be an immediate and positive benefit.


Demonstration Download



MSP Installation

Manual Install

Manual Installation via URL:

  1. On the device, enter the below link in a web browser

  1. Once the download is finished, locate the .apk file
  2. Run the downloaded .apk to install Touch Mobile.


Touch Mobile requires login credentials and an internet connection to access; we have provided 2 sets of credentials for the purpose of this demonstration.


  1. Company: Oil Gas Click2Demo

            Username: demo

Password: demo

  1. Company: Child Services Click2Demo

Username: demo

Password: demo


A megademo is now provided as well, supplying a selection of demo applications from various industries. Tap on the "Try Demos" button and supply the information requested.


Demonstration Instructions - Oil Gas

Demonstration Instruction - Child Services




Child and Family Services, Construction, Government, Healthcare, Insurance Claims, Manufacturing Process, Military, Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Security, Transportation, Utilities & Telecommunications, Waste and Recycling


Application Type


Mobile Application, Process Software, Workflow Software, Assets, Inspections, Work Orders


Main User Interface   


image006.png image008.png image010.png


Validated Mobile Devices


ES400, ES400S, MC65, MC75A, MC9500, ET1, TC55

* The demo application is supported on TC55 and TC70.


Demonstration Video


Demonstration Video


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