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DS Group SpA is an IT consulting company founded in 1991 that offers innovative solutions in communication and business collaboration. Based in Milan and Rome and operating throughout the italian country, during these 20 years DS Group has increased its turnover and the number of its employees and partners, becoming a benchmark for companies who need to automate their mobile workers and to communicate in a unified way. In particular, DS Group is a point of reference in Italy in the development of Mobile Solutions for the latest generation of multi-touch Tablet and smartphones, available on both iOS and Android Platform. There are three areas of excellence of DS Group: 1. Mobile solutions 2. Unified Communications 3. Contact Center.


About BusinessContent

DS Group’s Business Pad allows to delivery multimedia files to enterprise users allowing the possibility to view these contents and to manage sales process also in an off line mode.

BusinessPad is a suite of platforms described as follows:


The “businessContent” (showed in demo) allows you to author, publish and deliver rich multimedia contents (such a data, videos, photos, documents, news) and make them available on tablet even without connectivity (offline mode) through a specific app, downloadable from referenced stores. The solution is built on specific targets and allows you to integrate document management platforms.


The Sales on Field Automation module, businessSales, is a vertical solution (native app) for managing sales processes and it is customizable for each market. Here you can identify two modules: businessCatalog (showed in demo) and businessOrder.


The "businessCatalog" is a customizable solution that provides to the seller a multimedia tool for illustrating customer’s products by photos, videos and information; the system includes features that allow the automatic production of the report card agent / seller retaining the order of presentation of products, the generation of the product list for the offer and order accompanied by a signature and digital remote consultation of multimedia information to the seller (methodologies, standards, training pills, ... )


The "businessOrder" is the app for managing on tablet the entire sales process: customer management, scheduling visits, production order.

The app we have developed for Motorola shows which are the characteristics of the businessContent and how it could be revolutionary for the sales force especially if integrated with the other module of the BusinessPad.


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