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Agilysys is a leading developer and marketer of proprietary enterprise software, services and solutions to the hospitality and retail industries. The company specializes in market-leading point-of-sale, property management, inventory and procurement, and mobile and wireless solutions that are designed to streamline operations, improve efficiency and enhance the consumer’s experience. Agilysys serves casinos, resorts, hotels, foodservice venues, stadiums, cruise lines, grocery stores, convenience stores, general and specialty retail businesses and partners. Agilysys operates extensively throughout North America, with additional sales and support offices in the United Kingdom, Singapore and Hong Kong.


About NextPosition-demo

Agilysys’ NextPosition-demo application is the mobile client portion of a larger Agilysys initiative called NextPosition.


NextPosition is a product offering from Agilysys with which a merchant can leverage identified functionality available within an existing POS terminal on a mobile device. A mobile client is adapted to the functionality needed and then integrated with the target POS system. Depending on the target POS system, a middleware application may or may not be needed to aid in the communication between the POS system and the mobile device. The NextPosition client is positioned to leverage appropriate mobile peripherals and/or accessories to facilitate required functionality including barcode scanning, MSR card swipe interaction, and network-based receipt printing. Example POS systems to which the NextPosition system can be integrated include Oracle Retail and SAP for Retail.


The NextPosition-demo is an example NextPosition client implementation which is self-sustaining (does not require communication with a running POS system) to aid in the identification of workflow and UI requirements for a particular merchant.


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