About JMO Systems Ltd.

JMO Systems Ltd. is the developer of leading edge warehouse management software.  Partnering with leaders like Motorola and Microsoft has enabled us to produce solutions that will address the problems of today and tomorrow for distribution centers across North America.


About Indago™ wms

JMO Systems indago™ wms is a best of breed, leading edge warehouse management solution for distribution that is architected for high demand, multi-user and multi-location environments.  It’s real time business adapters connect with ERP systems like Microsoft GP, AX, SAGE MAS/500, Activant Vision, Ultimate and others.  The indago™ system adds value to a company’s inventory control through optimizing inbound, outbound and internal processes with use of real time wireless technology and mobile computing platforms.


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Distribution, Warehousing


Application Type

Warehouse Management


Main User Interface


Mobile Devices

MC9000, MC3000, WT4000


Demonstration Video

NOTE: For all video demonstrations, QuickTime is required to be installed on the system.

This video demonstration is an overview of JMO Systems Ltd indago™ wms solution for small and medium business.  It is scalable and is integrated with various leading ERP platforms such as Microsoft Great Plains and Axapta, MAS Sage 500, Activant Ultimate and Vision, and others.

This video demonstration is an overview of picking and shipping operations with the indago™ wms solution from JMO Systems.  It presents you with a high level overview and look into some of the main features of indago™ shipping.

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