About InVision Software

InVision Software provides software engineering services including OEM integration support and custom application development.  InVision has deep knowledge of the low-level code in Motorola devices, making us a prime partner for custom driver and firmware development including wireless security upgrades and unique wired or wireless communication solutions.  The company also offers unique software applications including wireless photo transfer (PocketPhoto) and driver license barcode decoding (iCheckIt).


About PocketPhoto

InVision Software’s PocketPhoto application is a wireless photo transfer application that manages the download of photographs from a digital camera to the Motorola mobile device (via USB) where additional data can be associated with the photo (barcoded data, form or photographer information, etc.) and then transmits the associated files to a network destination (FTP, network folder, web portal, etc.).


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Sport and entertainment, Hospitality, News media, Field service, Government


Application Type

Sport and entertainment – retail sale of photos to guests at events

Hospitality – retail sale of photos to guests of resorts and cruise lines

News media – instant photo transmission to web portals - breaking news coverage

Field service – associate photographs with inspection forms - proof of condition

Government – evidence capture - crime scene investigations, disaster recovery


Main User Interface

     Configuration screen                                      Status Screen


Mobile Devices

MC50, MC70, MC75


Also operates on:

MC3090 (Windows Mobile), MC55


Demonstration Video

Note: XVID video decoder is required.

Video Demonstration

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InVision Software

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