About RBM Technologies

RBM Technologies, Inc. is the leading SaaS retail solution for optimizing in-store merchandising campaign planning, communication, and execution. Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, RBM's Visual Merchandising Manager, SKUter and VMM Mobile help global brands and leading retailers deliver a consistent brand experience to their customers, with the right products, at the right time, in the right place.


About VMM Mobile™

VMM Mobile™ right down to the individual fixture level. Mobile device cameras empower store managers to capture photos and confirm visual compliance as each fixture is executed. By linking store managers and headquarters, VMM Mobile reduces the time required to execute a campaign at the store level ensuring omni channel coordination of campaigns. Store staff save sell more products and better serve customers..


Demonstration Download

As a SaaS solution, simply navigate to on the ET1 tablet and input provided username and password from the Demonstration Instructions.  



Retail – Consumer Electronics, Specialty Retail, Big Box Retail, Banking, QSR, Mobile, Grocery


Application Type

Visual Merchandising Execution and Compliance 


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Mobile Devices

ET1, MC40, TC55


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