About SoftwareFX

SoftwareFX, Inc. was founded in September of 1993 as a component vendor for the emerging visual development community, which capitalizes on the increasing demand for reusable objects.


At SoftwareFX, quality customer service and highly useful products are our main goals. By providing topoftheline components for different development, IT and mobile environments, we continue to lead the market in deploying graphic development tools to the expanding technical community. SoftwareFX's is committed to providing a rich set of tools and support for past, present and future technologies for the worldwide development, IT and mobile community.


About PowerGadgets Mobile

SoftwareFX’ PowerGadgets Mobile leverages the Motorola Mobile Computing technology to deliver enterprise grade dashboards to users on the field, allowing for immediate decision making anytime, anywhere. PowerGadgets Mobile consists of three components: PowerGadgets Mobile Creator, a tool to help you quickly design your dashboards and preview them on any of the supported devices; PowerGadgets Mobile Server, responsible for real time data access behind the firewall and serving up the dashboards to any requesting client; and PowerGadgets Mobile Client, a Windows Mobile application specifically designed for Motorola devices, which presents the user with real time interactive dashboards on-demand and provides an intuitive and powerful user interface for data analysis.



Demonstration Download

An internet connection is required on the mobile device.


ES400, MC55,  MC75A




MSP Installation Barcodes

Manual Installation




MSP Installation Barcodes

Manual Installation




MSP Installation Barcodes

Manual Installation


Demonstration Instructions



Retail / Hospitality, Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Travel & Transportation, Field Mobility, Warehouse Management, Utilities, Education


Application Type

Mobile dashboards & data analysis


Main User Interface

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Validated Mobile Devices

ES400, MC55, MC75A


Contact Information

Zebra Solution Center



Motorola Channel Account Manager

Richard Lamb

Office Phone: 248-670-0177



Ivan Giugni

Office Phone: 561-999-8888