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Since its founding in 2004, Supply Insight has been a leader in Auto-ID software.   Our flagship middleware product, rPlatform™ was first certified as ALE and RP compliant by EPCglobal in 2006, and MandatePLUS™ was the first complete DoD Supply Chain compliance product available to the industry.  Supply Insight now offers a suite of Auto-ID products designed to accommodate large and small enterprises.  Our products lead the way in supporting many industry-specific best practices.



About rAgent™ Mobile

rAgent™ Mobile is an application for RFID and barcode-enabled mobile devices that improves your asset and inventory management processes by increasing the quality of your data and saving you valuable time.  Since its introduction in 2010,  rAgent™ Mobile has been available either as a stand-alone edition used to perform tasks on a single device, or as an enterprise edition supporting a fully encrypted synchronization process between all of your devices and an enterprise class database.



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MC9190Z, MC3190Z, MC67 with RFD5500, MC9200:


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Energy and Utilities, Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Public Safety, Retail/Hospitality, Transportation and Logistics , Warehousing


Application Type

RFID Asset Tracking and Inventory Management, Supply Chain Logistics, Proof-of-Delivery


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Validated Mobile Devices

MC67 with RFD5500





* Compatible with most Windows Mobile/Embedded Handheld devices


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