About TBS

Technological Business Solutions (TBS) was founded in 1993 to bridge the gap between call centres, customer relationship management systems, and fieldworkers.

We rapidly develop and deploy agile enterprise mobility solutions connecting fieldworkers to their headquarters, offering businesses quantitative reductions in the cost and inefficiencies of paper-based management, while directing auditability through consistent adherence to business processes.


TBS TaskMaster helps businesses deploy staff in the right place at the right time and with the right information.  Improved efficiency maximises workforce productivity, cuts costs and ultimately enhances customer satisfaction.  By flexibly interfacing with any enterprise system, our solutions have become the first choice work tool for thousands of users worldwide.



  • directly helped a utilities provider to generate 37,000 more home visits a year, without any additional costs
  • cut 1.5 million sheets of paper from the processes of an automotive fleet provider, AND saved them a further 3.6 million driving miles a year
  • streamlined the workflow of a global security company to enable online tracking of every single delivery via a barcode-driven audit trail 


TBS and TaskMaster are distinguished by flexibility: our solutions can be tailored to suit any mobile business requirement, in any country and on any scale.


TaskMaster is critical in the day-to-day functions of thousands of users across a variety of sectors, from construction and automotive sectors through to utilities-management and the public sector.  Our mobile data experience combines with a close understanding of industrial task-based processes to provide valuable deployments across diverse global markets.



TaskMaster is a sophisticated enterprise mobility suite designed to eliminate inefficiencies and drive consistent business process through the rapid exchange of data between field workers and their headquarters. 


Flexible configuration settings enable the convergence of multiple automated processes: from delivery confirmation - stamps capturing signature, time, date and GPS location; to inspection procedures – on-device tagging of vehicle damage; asset tracking and workforce activity monitoring.  In addition to reducing costs and facilitating workflow, TaskMaster also enables you to craft advanced individual processes which are unique to your business.


TaskMaster contains a range of fully functioning modules or applications, supported by the Microsoft development environment.

A Device Management System enables administrators to remotely control the capabilities of devices which are live in the field. Installing and upgrading software, requesting inventory of information, file transferral and application management can all be undertaken through the headquarters-based system, with immediate effect on devices.


Demonstration Download


MC35, MC55, MC70, MC75


MSP Installation Barcodes

Manual Installation - Files should be installed in the following order: TBS, ImageCaptureSetup.CAB, DamageInputInstallation.CAB.

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Field Service, Construction, Local Government, Utilities, Fleet and Automotive


Application Type

Housing repairs, Vehicle inspection, Vehicle rental, Field Service, Cash Collections, Surveys, Reinstatements, Metering, Risk assessments, Asset tracking, Repairs / Maintenance, Gas certification, Health and safety / Risk assessment, Parts ordering, Time and attendance, Snagging, Personal security, Generic audit


Application types are not limited within TaskMaster as the product can be easily configured to match any field process and data capture requirement.


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Mobile Devices

MC35, MC55, MC70, MC75


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