About Visicom

Visicom is a global supplier specializing in a range of role based Sales Force Automation solutions including Mobile Sales Management, Presales, Merchandising and Direct Store Delivery for CPG and Distribution organizations in the marketplace.


About Visicom Sales Force Automation (SFA)

Visicom SFA helps sales managers to monitor and control their sales team and their merchandisers. The real time nature helps to assess overall productivity. The increase in productivity creates a competitive advantage by reducing costs, increasing sales revenue and market share. The entire sales team can benefit from Visicom SFA both in head office and on route. Field sales can share sales data much more frequently with sales management. This instant communication allows sales management to use the given information while it is still valuable. Thus, Visicom SFA greatly reduces the management response time and allows the company to make active decisions with much more alertness and agility.


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Professional & Consumer Services (Field Mobility), Wholesale Distribution


Application Type

Advance Sales, Presales & Merchandizing, Field Sales Management, Proof of Delivery


Main User Interface


Mobile Devices



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Zebra Solution Center



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Pamela Doyle  

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