About Voicekey Limited

Voicekey Limited is a Motorola Independent Software Vendor that specialises in the design, test and delivery of a range of standard and bespoke voice biometric identity management solutions across all vertical markets.  Solutions include:


  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Password Reset
  • Caller Authentication
  • Digital Sign-off
  • Secure Cloud Services
  • Network Protection
  • Mobile and Server APIs


Voicekey has a partnership strategy and reaches the market with and through partners.


About VoicekeyID

VoicekeyID is a patented speaker verification technology which is Motorola Compatible and provides the capability to secure device, application or infrastructure either locally or via a cloud service.


Key Benefits of VoicekeyID


  • Easy to integrate – Application Programmers Interface (API).
  • Verifies that the user is present – unlike chip & pin and one time password.
  • Voiceprints are never retained – users locally carry a cryptographically signed voice biometric classifier (not the biometric profile), so overcoming end user resistance.
  • Enterprise verification - implement the highest level of IT security without the need to remotely access a third party server based biometric solution provider.
  • Bespoke enrolment and verification processes – tailor the enrolment and verification process to suit your needs.


Demonstration Download



MSP Installation Barcodes

Manual Installation

Demonstration Instructions - Note: Internet connectivity is required on the device.




Education, Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Professional & Consumer Services (Field Mobility), Retail/Hospitality, Telecom & media, Transportation & Logistics, Wholesale Distribution, or Mining, Oil, & Gas


Application Type

Verifies the identity of user for purposes such as:

  • Identity based device logon.
  • Authenticating access to restricted information such as health records.
  • Digital document submission by an authorized individual.
  • Proof of delivery or receipt of physical/digital objects to an individual.
  • Recording inspection has been performed by the correct person.
  • Stock management or discounting in Retail and Industrial environments.
  • Auditing of projects and workflows.


Main User Interface


Validated Mobile Devices

ES400 Windows Mobile® 6.5 Professional with an internet connection. 


Currently developing the API for other devices, for further information please contact


Contact Information

Zebra Solution Center



Motorola Channel Account Manager

James Pemberton

Office Phone: +44 7887 782 141


Voicekey Limited

John Weightman

Office Phone: +44(0)7554 539792