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Salamander Technologies, Inc. is the leading provider of intelligent accountability solutions for identifying, tracking, and reporting on first responders, volunteers, and victims at an incident, emergency or other field event.


About 02 Track


Managing people and resources at the scene of an incident is no easy task. Salamander’s TRACK suite tells you the “who, what and where” of everyone and everything. Better data, better decisions. The 02 TRACK app is the first National Incident Management System (NI MS) compliant Incident Command System (ICS) software for the TC55 that will read your Salamander-created agency identification or accountability tags. The software is compatible with all previous versions of Salamander 01 TAG™ accountability solutions including; Clemens PAS V, fireTRAX and interTRAX PDF417 or QR barcoded tags, as well as RFID tags.


Customers can expect to achieve the following business benefits:

• On-scene computerized incident management allows you to capture data, verify identities, and track resources.

• Tracks people and resources across agencies

• Provides detailed time and date-stamped reporting

• Assists in adhering to HSPD 5, NI MS & ICS standards

• Manages emergency incidents and special events

• Tracks evacuees from office buildings, schools, oil rigs, construction sites, etc.

• Offers a portable and rugged time and attendance system




Energy and Utilities, Government, Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Public Safety, Retail, Transportation and Logistics


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