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Berlin-based Condat AG belongs to the leading vendors of innovative software solutions in the fields of media, mobility and monitoring. Skyware is Condat's product platform. It is based on proven standards and new technologies and serves as a reliable framework for customized applications.


We offer mobility solutions for companies and public authorities, helping them in utilizing their field force staff in the best possible way. With Condat’s solutions, work orders are dispatched on web-based planning tables and digital maps. At the same time work in progress is being monitored in real time, giving a detailed picture of workload and bottlenecks.


About Skyware Mobile Client

With Condat’s Skyware Mobile Client, your field force works fast and efficient. Work orders are pushed to your technicians’ handheld, smartphone or tablet and enables him to start working right away. Using intuitive and touch-optimized entry forms, the technician reports his attendance and order status and gets access to order details and stock info. Capturing data through barcode and RFID and navigating to site with GPS saves time and boosts productivity.



Government, Manufacturing, Professional & Consumer Services (Field Mobility), Telecom & media, Transportation & Logistics, Mining, Oil, & Gas


Application Type

Mobile Workforce Management, Mobile Order Management, Mobile Timekeeping, Mobile Stock Info, GPS Track & Trace, GPS Navigation


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