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idSoftware is a software company providing biometric security solutions to law enforcement,  high security facilities, and security projects. 


About PrintSearch Mobile


idSoftware’s PrintSearch Mobile is a rapid “in-the-field” mobile identification and electronic ticket writing system using a forensic quality fingerprint scanner and proven state-of-the-art identification and biometric matching software.


The Android edition of PrintSearch Mobile enables the ruggedized LEX700 to rapidly identify fingerprints in the field when coupled with the BlueCheck II fingerprint scanner. Mug shots are displayed along with bio data and arrest history to guarantee that the right individual is found. A name search can also be performed to retrieve a record. And the data for traffic citations can be captured and then printed via the RW420 printer.


New features are in the pipeline for field interviews, gang interviews and registration and identification of Alzheimer’s patient.




Government, Healthcare, Public Safety


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Mobile Identification


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LEX700, ET1, TC55


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