About Public Safety Corporation


Public Safety Corporation (PSC) is a technology services company focused on state and local government public safety projects and programs. PSC technology and services are used by hundreds of cities, counties and other munipalities to manage and bill alarm system fees, collect false alarm fines, recover investigative costs, and administer permit and license applications and fees. PSC is committed to providing feature-rich solutions to assist public safety agencies in achieving their mission-critical objectives.


About CryWolf False Alarm Management Solutions


CryWolf is a comprehensive false alarm management solution that greatly reduces the time and effort required to process false alarms.


From a mobile device, smartphone or tablet, CryWolf provides an officer access to alarm registration status, account/location history, responsible party contact information and site hazards.  With a smartphone, officers can automatically dial the designated key holder from the CryWolf alarm database to immediately alert citizens and businesses of alarm activity.




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