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Primary Marking Inc is a Saint Louis based company that is a Value Added Reseller (VAR) of data collection and labeling systems that accelerate and optimize cross-business processes within and among enterprises throughout the U.S. With years of experience in automated data collection, RFID, bar code labeling, software development and system integration, Primary Marking continues to follow a process oriented development methodology, designed to minimize project risks and development time. Primary Marking establishes the connections that make companies easier to do business with, improving value chain efficiency, and quality of service.

Primary Marking sales and technical staff continue to find the right technology for our customers to solve their problems and make their enterprises more profitable. Primary Marking continues to please customers with the latest in technology innovations. The technical and service staff includes engineers and technicians with years of experience.


About eTWIST


Primary Marking Inc’s eTWIST® is a patented mobile evidence collection solution. The “Mobility Advantage” improves efficiency, increases conviction rates, and eliminates hidden inefficiencies and opportunities for errors in processes, yielding dramatic increases in data accuracy.  Accurately recording evidence, in real-time, using Bar-Coding, Drop downs and Auto-fill fields via a mobile device, completely, eliminates ‘double processing’, dramatically reducing data entry. GPS enabled camera, allows officers to snap pictures of evidence, geo-stamp location, record time/date of the evidence, providing a new level of evidence information.



Government, Public Safety


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LEX700, TC55


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Evidence collection


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LEX700, TC55


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