About Sygic Business Solutions


Sygic Business Solutions is a specialized division of Sygic Company, the international leader in offline navigation and location based software. We focus on developing professional GPS navigation for mobile workforce in fields of transportation, logistics, mobile workforce, utilities, emergency and communal services.


Sygic Navigation software features SDK extension for easy integration with 3rd party fleet management systems.


Sygic turn-by-turn offline navigation is used by more than 35 million customers worldwide. Every day Sygic navigates over 100 000 professional drivers in 115 countries.


Sygic team consists of over 100 talented professionals, committed to developing innovative applications. An effort acknowledged by markets and certified by Delloite ranking Sygic among fastest growing IT companies in Europe every year since 2007.



About Sygic Navigation


Sygic real 3D offline turn-by-turn navigation with comprehensive set of features for effective mobile workforce management.


It can be easily integrated into any fleet and workforce mobility solution thanks to SDK available for Android.


Sygic Navigation helps to increase your drivers’ productivity by reducing the kilometers being driven, enhancing fleet safety and improving your service and delivery times.



  • No need of internet connection. All maps are stored on device.
  • Unlike other available navigation apps, Sygic offers real 3D navigation for better orientation and first class user interface rewarded by more than 35 million users worldwide.
  • Our navigation has been successfully tested on Motorola TC55 device.
  • Sygic Fleet Navigation helps to increase driver’s productivity by reducing kilometers being driven, enhance fleet safety and improve your service and delivery times.
  • Whole fleets can be easily equipped with professional navigation allowing seamless integration with 3rd party fleet systems



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MC67 (Android), TC55


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  • Delivery services
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Utilities and field work
  • Communal services
  • Automotive
  • Emergency services



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GPS Navigation, Mobile Computing, Industrial Mobil Computing, Remote Controlling, Remote Management, Communication Management.



Main User Interface

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Mobile Devices


MC67 (Android), TC55



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Zebra Solution Center



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