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Intelligent Product Solutions (IPS) is a product design consultancy with designers and engineers providing end-to-end product development services which include industrial design, mechanical, electrical, and software engineering, program management and marketing. IPS is also a software development company offering productivity software including Kea, a Workforce Collaboration Solution.


About Kea™


Kea software by Intelligent Product Solutions is a Workforce Collaboration Solution that transforms traditional methods of staff management by leveraging Motorola products including the SB1, MC40, TC55 and ET1, and creating a highly scalable and effective productivity platform.  Kea empowers all levels of workers with task management and voice, between individuals and groups to improve efficiency reduce costs and provide better customer service.  Kea gets the job done better and faster.


Kea is a great solution for Retail, Hospitality, Healthcare, Warehouse/Distribution and Education/Library settings.


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For TC70, MC40, TC55, and SB1:


TC70, MC40, TC55:




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MSP Installation Barcode

Manual Installation


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MSP Installation Barcode

Demonstration Instructions



Education, Government, Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Public Safety, Retail, Transportation and Logistics


Application Type


Task Management/Workforce Management, Voice Memo


Main User Interface

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Mobile Devices


MC40, TC55, ET1


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