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d.Code Mobility is an innovative supplier of enterprise mobility solutions integrated with SAP, Oracle and other ERP Systems. We specialise in supply chain automation (i.e. SAP Logistics Execution, Oracle MSCA), barcode and other auto-ID solutions.

Our mobility solutions put you where the action is to deliver real-time automation of key transactions, while at the same time enforcing proper processes and controls in these and other areas:


  • Warehouse / Store Automation
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Field Service Management
  • Facilities Management
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Inventory Counting
  • Proof-of-Delivery


About Count My Stock

d.Code Mobility’s Count My Stock is a mobile application for Motorola Android devices. It augments the stock count process, streamlines the operational aspect of the stock take and increases the financial accuracy of the results. It saves time and money, both in manpower and reduction in onsite shrinkage.


It caters for users of CSV, SAP and Sage Pastel. Inventory data is uploaded to the Count My Stock cloud web application, and transferred to mobile devices for count in online- or offline mode.


Users simply scan barcodes and enter quantities for each SKU counted. Data is sent back to the cloud dashboard where supervisors can see real-time progress of the stock take.


Demonstration Download

TC55, TC70


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Government, Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Retail, Transportation and Logistics


Application Type


Stock Takes, Inventory Counting


Main User Interface


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Mobile Devices


TC55, TC70, MC2180, MC9190, MC65, MC75


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