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Imense Ltd is a UK based company that specialises in computer vision applications including OCR (optical character recognition) applications for mobile devices. We offer a range of solutions including automated number plate recognition (ANPR/ALPR), document and form capture, ID card scanning, recognition of handwritten digits and address label reading. We offer solutions for devices running a range of platforms including Android and WinMobile.


About ANPRdemoUK


Imense provides ANPR/ALPR solutions for a wide and growing range of countries in Europe, USA, and Latin America. ANPRdemoUK is a ANPR/ALPR (automated number plate/license plate recognition) demo application designed and optimised for mobile devices, providing single-click capture and accurate results within seconds. It works well in a wide range of lighting conditions, supports oblique angles, can read skewed plates, and can perform recognition across a broad spectrum of distances and sizes.

Unlike other scanning apps, this one runs entirely on your mobile device without needing a network, so there are NO data charges or network delays whatsoever, and the number plates you want to read are NOT uploaded to any server.


As well as handling poor and low lighting conditions, the app also supports numerous formats of UK car, motorcycle, and heavy goods vehicle registration plates, including personalised number plates. In the past, Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology has been mostly limited to expensive roadside cameras or sophisticated vehicle mounted devices. Use in parking and garage security systems has been limited to costly server based solutions, and largely restricted to capturing number-plates facing directly towards a camera, and in fixed lighting conditions.



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Android (ie. TC55)


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Government, Police, Transportation and Logistics


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Automated numberplate recognition (ANPR).


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Mobile Devices


All devices running Android with a front facing camera (ie. TC55). Solutions for other platforms such as WinMobile are also available.


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