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We are one of Denmark's largest companies within label printing, labeling and data capture.


About Moto-Scan

Moto-Scan is a simple and easy data capture solution with Moto-Scan for Motorola Windows CE/WM devices. NEW in Version 4: Wireless data sync. The software is based on the BATCH principle which means: Fast data transfer through the docking station with USB interface or wireless data sync to a FTP server.


- Build your own data capture scenario in a few minutes

- Easy to configure: no programming needed, only work patterns

- Easy to operate: no IT skills required to use it

- White-label app: brand the software with your own company name

- Wireless datasync (WLAN or GSM) or the classic cabled docking solution

- Database import - and auto sync on docking/data sync

- Localization: type in the menus in your own local language

- Display size auto-scale: Also supports non-touch displays


We have pre-configured the software with the 4 most common data collection scenarios. This gives you an easy and simple path handling of data collection. It’s easy to interface with most ERP systems because of the common batch output as a plain text file. Everybody can learn to use the software and it will give good feedback from the end users. It is easy to modify and adapt the looks of the menus and change the content of the data capture scenarios for your needs. So if there is a need for an inventory count menu and there are no defined location numbers in the company yet, just start the system without location numbers, and when the business expands then location numbers are easily added. The administrator of this system can easily maintain the scanners by changing the configuration and setup of the menus. If more functions are needed, it is easy to edit the setup yourself and make the changes on the fly. Please visit for more info, app download, datasheet, case story etc.



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MC45, MC2180, MC3190



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Warehousing, Transportation, Logistics, Retail, Manufacturing, Healthcare


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Data registration and collecting


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Mobile Devices


All Zebra devices running Windows CE or Windows mobile, validated for MC45, MC2180 and MC3190.


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