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Cognito is a leading provider of mobile workforce management solutions to field service, facility management, utilities and logistics organisations. For more than 20 years, we have been at the leading edge of innovation and best practice when it comes to helping clients drive field force performance, exceed customer expectations and deliver consistently excellent service.


Our heritage includes the UK’s first public mobile data network and the world’s first purpose built mobile terminal capable of handling both fixed line and packet switched radio communications. More recently, Cognito has embraced a series of key innovations in mobile workforce management software, culminating in our flagship Fieldforce iQ solution.


Fieldforce iQ recognises the pivotal role of the field worker at the heart of delivering the customer service experience. Unlike traditional task-based solutions, Fieldforce iQ is based around an activity-centric approach to workflow that enables managers to see what’s really happening, at all times, at the frontlines of their business.


Cognito offers a uniquely proactive approach to service and support. Dedicated service managers, with access to real-time monitoring, provide continuous support to all customers, ensuring that the benefits of mobile workforce management are fully realized.


Cognito operates throughout Europe and North America. Our customers typically have mid-size to large mobile work forces ranging from 50 plus field workers to many thousands.



About SmartWorker


Cognito’s SmartWorker application is a modern mobile application framework for the latest mobile devices and a component of Cognito’s flagship Fieldforce iQ mobile workforce management solution.


Taking full advantage of the latest mobile technologies, SmartWorker is instinctively easy to use and provides all the information your field workers need - when and where they need it - to deliver exceptional customer service whilst minimizing unproductive activity.


SmartWorker equips field workers to remain productive whether on or off line. Its modular approach incorporates standardised best-practice workflows that can be recombined, customized and extended to address any mobile worker-based process whilst capturing contextually relevant information in real-time for action and analysis.


Just like the rest of Fieldforce iQ, SmartWorker is designed around driving the right behaviors and not just on presenting a series of tasks. Your workers will be led through an optimized sequence of events that can also incorporate non-job based activities such as safety checks, start and end of day routines, etc.



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Professional Services, Transportation and Logistics, Energy and Utilities, Government, Healthcare, Public Safety, Telecom and Media, Natural Resources.



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TC75, TC55, MC67 Android



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