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Zebra Technologies is a global leader respected for innovation and reliability, Zebra offers technologies that give a virtual voice to an organization's assets, people and transactions, enabling organizations to unlock greater business value. The company's extensive portfolio of marking and printing technologies, including RFID and real-time location solutions, illuminates mission-critical information to help customers take smarter business actions.>


About TestConnect


TestConnect is an app designed to demonstrate and evaluate the PrintConnect app that’s also available on Click2Demo and AppGalleryTestConnect contains pre-set variable data for the fields used in the example label and receipt templates included with PrintConnect. TestConnect allows you to print either template with different predefined sets of variable data.


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MC40, TC55, TC70, TC75, MC18


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Education, Energy and Utilities, Government, Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Natural Resources, Professional Services, Public Safety, Retail, Telecom and Media, Transportation and Logistics


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Demo app to be used with the PrintConnect app.


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MC40, TC55, TC70, TC75, MC18


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