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Location-based solutions in Retail are getting a lot of buzz right now. According to the Zebra 2017 Retail Vision Study 70% of Retailers Plan to use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons for location-based marketing by 2021. However, VisionMobile’s research shows that today IoT developers use BLE beacons outside of retail, such as in manufacturing and warehousing, at a higher rate (27-33%) compared to retail (only 20%).


Hear from the Enterprise Visibility experts at Zebra on the latest in BLE in our upcoming DEV { TALK }. We will cover the newest updates to Bluetooth and BLE technology, how to leverage existing devices and infrastructure as beacons, identify new use cases, and walk through code on how to implement Zebra Beacons.


Then we will focus on new valuable use cases that allow designers to leverage the powerful BLE-based-integration of Zebra printers, mobile devices, and beacons, and walk through code that enables developers to write amazing applications using the latest BLE-specific printer SDK and the MPACT solution!


Locking your users into a single or curated list of applications is a common task for any device administrator.  There are lots of ways to achieve this but which technique works best when?   In this DEV {TALK}, we'll demonstrate how to achieve this with Google’s LockTask mode (Kiosk mode) & device owner profile, Enterprise Home Screen, and the MX AccessManager.


DataWedge is a popular way to access Zebra device hardware providing a ‘zero-code’ way to simply and easily acquire barcode data, use SimulScan capabilities or use the inbuilt card reader, where supported. DataWedge is often used in preference to Zebra’s native SDKs for Java and Xamarin (EMDK) because it offers a simpler interface that ‘just works’ but this ease of use comes at a cost of losing more fine-grained control of the hardware. The DataWedge Intent API attempts to redress this by enabling user applications to control, modify and query the current DataWedge configuration and operation.   To learn more on this topic go to


In this DEV {TALK} we will dive into the DataWedge APIs, particularly those found in the latest version 6.3. A YouTube video of this webinar will be posted soon!



For over a decade now there have been multiple industrial browsers released by Zebra, its competitors and Zebra’s ancestor companies. Industrial browsers as a product group generally provide access to specialized device hardware (e.g. barcode scanners) through HTML and JavaScript along with a highly configurable browser component.


This DEV {TALK} is aimed at customers running applications within “Industrial browsers” on either Windows Mobile or CE devices and who are looking to upgrade to Zebra Android devices.  We'll review industrial browsers for Windows Mobile and CE and discuss some of the options for upgrading to Enterprise Browser on Android. It can be a challenge moving from WM/CE which involves moving from a device with a physical keyboard to a touchscreen only device. Complications can arise. We will tackle a number of solutions to these challenges.


Check out this blog that inspired this DEV {TALK}.


A copy of the presentation is available now.

Next week, 14-16 June, Zebra will be hosting Europe APPFORUM in Prague. Register now to hear from Zebra, Google, Microsoft, Xamarin, Philips Lighting and more on how to build best in class visibility software solutions for the Enterprise.


AppForum 2017 Generic.jpg

Following the success of Americas APPFORUM I am happy to announce that registration has opened for the China and Asia/Australia APPFORUMs.


The China event will be in Shanghai on July 27-28 with keynotes from Microsoft, Zebra CTO Office, and Global Platinum Sponsor Ivanti. We have breakout sessions for developers and technology leaders from Zebra product teams, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, and Seagull Scientific. The event will be conducted in Chinese, but we will have live translation for those who cannot speak Chinese.

The Asia/Australia APPFORUM will be in Melbourne, Australia on July 31-August 1 focused on India, Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea, Australia, and New Zealand. The Google Android team will be presenting a keynote and breakout sessions. Microsoft, the Zebra CTO Office, Ivanti and Kevin Drinkwater, CIO of Mainfreight will also lead keynote sessions.

Register today for China APPFORUM or Asia APPFORUM! appforum2017

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