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In this session, Noël Bankston, Innovation Research Manager & Human Factors Engineer, from the Zebra User Experience Design team, will define the reasons behind having an enterprise-specific application design guidelines, the research that went into designing them, and how this applies it to your own application to improve usability, increase productivity, and reduce the chance of the user making an error.


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Android is moving forward on multiple fronts building enterprise features from Marshmallow and cultivating key partnerships with companies, such as Zebra Technologies, whom build rugged, task specific devices.  From his presentation at Londroid in August 2017, Darryn Campbell, Zebra Senior Software Architect, shares his insights on the headway Android is making, developer considerations and some ways to tackle unique challenges.


Check out his recorded session here.





Zebra Technologies is excited to participate in droidcon Berlin from September 3-5, 2017 as  Bronze Partner level sponsor.


Our own Zebra Developer Evangelist, Pietro Maggi, will be presenting  Android Security, an Enterprise Perspective: Debunking Android Security Myths with Data on September 4th. He'll review hot topics for European Corporations in the process of adopting Android as COSU (Corporate-owned, single-use) devices. He'll cover how features introduced in Android 6.0, Google Mobile Services and third party extensions collaborate to provide state of the art solutions to the market. He'll address specifically what threats are real, why security updates are critical for the Enterprise market, and best practices for Security and the Life Cycle of Android devices.


See you in Berlin!




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