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The Zebra ISV technical team has been working with developers for several years. Part of the group’s charter is to provide developer support and testing services. We created these best practices based on common issues we see regularly. We wish to provide developers with guidance on:


  • Common performance and stability mistakes that we have seen many times.
  • How to create the best user experience for their customers.
  • How to best utilize Zebra value added features.


Since we originally published best practices to help avoid some of these issues, the number of test failures has decreased and we have received more questions about how to implement them. This presentation reviews updates to the original and will walk through how to develop and test.





Presented by our Zebra Developer Team members: Robin West, Software Architect and Manuel Caicedo-Rivera,Senior Software Engineer.



We are gearing up for another droidcon in San Francisco November 5-6th, 2017.   Not only is Zebra a  sponsor,  Dan Quagliana, Head of Zebra's Global Developer Relations team, will share his insight on Android security, debunking the myths of its poor reputation.  Google has made great strides and refined their tools and processes to enhance security. Dan's talk Debunking Android Security Myths with Data will put to rest any concerns for Enterprise customers and developers.


Manuel Caicedo-Rivera, Zebra Senior Software Engineer and ISV Validation and Integration Lead, will be heading up a Codelab entitled  Optimizing Usage of Bluetooth Peripheral Devices. He'll highlight  Android API's for discovery and how to connect and manage the connection over Bluetooth. He'll also provide an overview of how Zebra has streamlined this process for our own beacons, printers and scanners.


Join us in San Francisco!




November 5-6, 2017 @ Mission Bay Conference Center, San Francisco

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