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In this week's podcast, we spin the table around! Mark Chillingworth from Icon Business Media interviews Dan Quagliana, Head of Global Developer Relations about the ins and outs of our developer community, what it means to be a part of that network, and why you should develop for Zebra tools and solutions.


Hear about the programs for developers, early adopters and partners. What does it mean to validate an app and become an ISV . What's in it for me as a developer?


Coming up in mid-December, learn more about GMS in the Enterprise. In the meantime, check out our SoundCloud channel series.

GMS (Global Mobile Services) improves security and adds additional features for developers, administrators and users. It's a collection of Google applications and services for Android and adds value to users and developers.


Join our next DEV { TALK } to find out! Learn about how to work with GMS;  setup, configuring applications, controlling auto updates, compatibility testing, recent changes, new features and why it is a great option for most deployments.


Host: Darryn Campbell, Senior Software Engineer, Zebra Technologies


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Dive into the new SDK update in our December DEV { TALK } ! We'll walk through code samples, best practices, tips and tricks and how to write apps for Windows desktop.





Presented by our Zebra Developer Team members: Robin West, Software Architect

The Zebra ISV technical team has been working with developers for several years. Part of the group’s charter is to provide developer support and testing services. We created these best practices based on common issues we see regularly. We wish to provide developers with guidance on:


  • Common performance and stability mistakes that we have seen many times.
  • How to create the best user experience for their customers.
  • How to best utilize Zebra value added features.


Since we originally published best practices to help avoid some of these issues, the number of test failures has decreased and we have received more questions about how to implement them. This presentation reviews updates to the original and will walk through how to develop and test.





Presented by our Zebra Developer Team members: Robin West, Software Architect and Manuel Caicedo-Rivera,Senior Software Engineer.



We are gearing up for another droidcon in San Francisco November 5-6th, 2017.   Not only is Zebra a  sponsor,  Dan Quagliana, Head of Zebra's Global Developer Relations team, will share his insight on Android security, debunking the myths of its poor reputation.  Google has made great strides and refined their tools and processes to enhance security. Dan's talk Debunking Android Security Myths with Data will put to rest any concerns for Enterprise customers and developers.


Manuel Caicedo-Rivera, Zebra Senior Software Engineer and ISV Validation and Integration Lead, will be heading up a Codelab entitled  Optimizing Usage of Bluetooth Peripheral Devices. He'll highlight  Android API's for discovery and how to connect and manage the connection over Bluetooth. He'll also provide an overview of how Zebra has streamlined this process for our own beacons, printers and scanners.


Join us in San Francisco!




November 5-6, 2017 @ Mission Bay Conference Center, San Francisco

Since Android Lollipop and with each subsequent release, Google has enabled new set of device management features with powerful new capabilities for the enterprise. Come learn about capabilities you may not have been aware of for security, app distribution, device management control, provisioning, and much more--including the recent announcement of zero-touch functionality which makes all of this easier than ever before. Learn from Android Engineer Andy Zmolek about the latest changes in Android that help the operating system meet the needs of Enterprise customers. Security, GMS, and manageability will be highlighted.


Check out Android Security: Enterprise Security  for additional information.

It was a busy two days September 25th and 26th at droidcon NYC. The Zebra Dev Team was there in full force. The goal of our first presentation, Android Security; An Enterprise Perspective, was to expose developers to Enterprise security requirements on smart phones and how Zebra devices with Mobility DNA, defense in depth dc nyc.jpgin combination with the Android OS, meet those needs.


For many, this talk, given by Chuck Bolan, Zebra Technologies, was new territory. Focusing on current Android threats, why security updates are critical in the enterprise marketplace and the long-life cycle of Android devices, attendees walked away knowing how to speak about security and Enterprise needs when developing on the Android platform. You can view more info on Android Security: Defense in Depth from the APPFORUM event in Prague this past June.




Bring on the Barcode Blasters!

The Barcode Blasters game which challenges people to scan as many barcodes as possible in 10 seconds was a huge hit at Zebra’s booth.

It was a great lead-in to Zebra’s portfolio and Enterprise use cases. barcode blasters dc nyc.jpgBringing the Barcode Blasters to the CodeLabs, Bill Hecox and Robin Chander, Zebra Technologies, guided developers through code needed to integrate Barcode Scanning into apps using DataWedge on Zebra Android Device. Even though this topics seemed new for most, participants were ready to rock! To learn more about Datawedge go here.  


droidcon nyc 17.jpg




For updates on events, including droidcon and our Android Workshops, subscribe and listen to our Zebra Dev podcasts on our Soundcloud channel.    Watch for our Zebra Developer team at the next droidcon in San Francisco in November.

The well attended, rapidly paced droidcon Berlin 2017, proved to be a successful event with a plethora of sessions varying in topics from IoT, security, augmented reality with Kotlin used in most of the presentations. Add in a Barcamp where the “un conference” sessions are planned and happen on the spot based on the interest and expertise of those attending. Joining the Barcamp was our own Pietro Maggi, Zebra Developer Evangelist, who stepped in to talk about Barcode Scanning on Android. There was high interest in this technology and those that stuck around for the Barcamp stayed for Pietro’s discussion so it was well attended and well received. One participant posed an interesting question: “When will barcodes go away?”  Good question with a simple answer: no time soon. There is no technology as pervasive, inexpensive, and simplistic that will take its place -at this time.


Day two, Pietro Maggi, Zebra, a frequent speaker at droidcon and other events, led a new, impactful session for attendees this year entitled Android Security: An Enterprise Perspective. Addressing Zebra security, Pietro introduce our LifeGuard Security for Android. Zebra’s LifeGuard adds years of security support beyond the norm for OS and your devices. Frequent and easy updates from LifeGuard will enhance security along with easy to install options that you can upload either locally, remotely or via EMM ( Enterpise Mobility Management).



Join our Zebra Dev Team at some upcoming droidcon events! We’ll be attending, sponsoring and speaking at several droidcon events this year including New York, San Francisco and London.

Company Name: The Descartes Systems Group

Validated Solution: Descartes Mobile

Devices Validated: TC75X, TC56

Region: NALA


About  https/Descartes Mobile

Descartes Mobile™ reflects the range of mobile needs of the customer and each solution improves operational efficiencies through real-time data exchange with your mobile resource. By keeping the entire enterprise up-to-date on actual status, companies can be more responsive to the fluid nature of business, and customer satisfaction improves due to better visibility.


A recognized innovator in fleet management solutions, Descartes has offered market-proven routing and scheduling solutions for over 30 years. With extensive logistics expertise and a leadership tradition in wireless and messaging, Descartes has deployed advanced delivery applications across thousands of mobile resources. Descartes has also made a significant investment into its broad mobile offering, attaining field level experience with an international client base.


Descartes Mobile provides integrated two-way wireless communication and advanced tracking, monitoring and reporting capabilities for enhanced logistics execution by enabling fleet managers to interact with their drivers and field personnel in real time. While many competitive solutions are just simple data collection tools, Descartes’ robust mobile solutions can seamlessly integrate with the route plans, collect comprehensive information and enable dispatchers to provide mobile resources with real-time updates.


Wireless Without the Headache

Our leading-edge technology is flexible and modular. Our mobile applications operate across a broad range of mobile platforms including Windows Mobile® and Android™. We support an extensive variety of devices to support our customers’ unique needs, budgets and technology strategies.

Join us at one of our upcoming Zebra Developer events! Our Android workshops will focus on a variety of technical topics and coding sessions. Please contact your local Zebra team for more details and if you’d like to participate.


RomeSeptember 12th
AthensSeptember 14th
Middle East - DubaiSeptember  25th, 26th
PortugalOctober 3rd
TurkeyOctober. 4th
SpainOctober 4th, 5th
AdriaticsOctober 10th, 11th, 12th
ParisOctober 12th
GothenbergOctober 17th
Benelux (Breda)October 19th
October 31st
November 1st
ZurichNovember 14th
Middle East - Riyadh**Nov 27-28th
Bucharest**November 28th
Dusseldorf*Dec 7th


** Just Added (10.19.17)

Zebra Technologies Europe presented two Android Workshops in Czech Republic on August 30th (Prague) and August 31st (Brno) covering the latest updates from both Zebra and Google Android, and how these apply to Zebra mobile devices. Attendance at both events was excellent and generated many interesting questions and suggestions, which we hope to incorporate in future releases for our developer tools. We look forward to continuing this valuable partner engagement with local meetings, workshops and future APPFORUM events. To participate in future events, please contact your local Zebra Team. 


APPFORUM 2017 was a great success! We were overwhelmed with the positive response we received from participants. The event was hosted in four cities; Las Vegas, Prague, Shanghai and Melbourne and welcomed people from six continents - sorry no penguins from Antarctica ! This year, we expanded our audience to include tech leaders as well as developers, partners, and end users, offering them the opportunity to engage in conversations about ways to transform the enterprise through innovative software applications.


20170731-014.jpg By changing our focus to include industry leaders and experts as our speakers, we had a multitude of companies leading sessions including Android, Microsoft, Yahoo, SAP, SOTI, Baidu, IBM, Philips Lighting, Xamarin and others. Presentations emphasized technology and programming trends in Enterprise software. In Las Vegas, Android kicked off our enterprise conversation focusing on a movement to connect workspaces on the enterprise and how new enhancements on the Android platform enable businesses to deliver smarter, more effective user experiences. Microsoft disclosed how you can leverage IoT Mobile on the Windows platform. Candid discussions with a panel of three CIO’s, moderated by Jeff Schmitz, Zebra CMO, focused on their business challenges and experiences.


In Prague, attendees were challenged to not just sit and watch all the disruptive change occurring in the software space, but to take control and drive the change themselves. Throughout the conference the concept of transforming solutions, applications and workflows took over and the audience at APPFORUM was showered with innovative technologies and concepts.


In Shanghai, we learned how far advanced China is in the deployment of IoT, cloud and mobility. They already have deployments showcased such as technologies of the future, including cashier-less stores. The mainstage presentations by both Baidu and Microsoft outlined the fascinating progress in their usage and strategy of AI. In Melbourne, the conversations focused on technical trends including how Zebra is responding to technology changes in the enterprise and how we are collaborating with the Android team.20170731-062.jpg


A plethora of breakout sessions focused on such topics as Android security challenges, working across multiple platforms such as with tools like Xamarin, evaluating new languages like Kotlin, predictions for the future of mobile computing, and the future of vertical use cases and pain points.  Our platinum sponsor Ivanti talked about the move to Android and NiceLabel discussed the future of mobile printing for developers.


In addition to some spectacular mainstage presentations and breakout sessions, the Mini-Hacks proved to be a huge success in Las Vegas and Prague. The developers relished diving deep into code topics such as scanner integration, browser print, and printing with Xamarin. Being able to connect with experts first-hand, face-to-face was truly beneficial. To view sessions and presentations go here.


APPFORUM identified a true need for Zebra, our partners and customers to continue conversations about how we will shape the future through architecting and building enterprise software.  Watch for our support of these efforts to address top technical trends through our tech blogs, Dev { TALKS }, Dev Kitchens, Android Workshops, and increased participation in events on the forefront of change such as droidcon Berlin, droidcon San Francisco and more! Together we can Innovate. Engage. Transform.


In this session, Noël Bankston, Innovation Research Manager & Human Factors Engineer, from the Zebra User Experience Design team, will define the reasons behind having an enterprise-specific application design guidelines, the research that went into designing them, and how this applies it to your own application to improve usability, increase productivity, and reduce the chance of the user making an error.


Access the Zebra icon library at


Android is moving forward on multiple fronts building enterprise features from Marshmallow and cultivating key partnerships with companies, such as Zebra Technologies, whom build rugged, task specific devices.  From his presentation at Londroid in August 2017, Darryn Campbell, Zebra Senior Software Architect, shares his insights on the headway Android is making, developer considerations and some ways to tackle unique challenges.


Check out his recorded session here.





Zebra Technologies is excited to participate in droidcon Berlin from September 3-5, 2017 as  Bronze Partner level sponsor.


Our own Zebra Developer Evangelist, Pietro Maggi, will be presenting  Android Security, an Enterprise Perspective: Debunking Android Security Myths with Data on September 4th. He'll review hot topics for European Corporations in the process of adopting Android as COSU (Corporate-owned, single-use) devices. He'll cover how features introduced in Android 6.0, Google Mobile Services and third party extensions collaborate to provide state of the art solutions to the market. He'll address specifically what threats are real, why security updates are critical for the Enterprise market, and best practices for Security and the Life Cycle of Android devices.


See you in Berlin!




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