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1 Post authored by: Robert Galvin

Building C# applications for enterprise grade Android devices just go a whole lot easier. In this DevTalk,  see how to use Xamarin SDK's provided by Zebra Technologies to build Android applications using device API's and integrated printing.




Topics Covered

  • What is the Link-OS Xamarin SDK?
  • Best Practices for Printing Apps
  • Logic Workflow for Incorporating Printing
  • Printer Discovery
  • Selecting and Connecting to a Printer
  • Checking and Seting the Printer Language
  • Getting Format Data Fields
  • Inputing Dynamic Data
  • Checking Status Prior to Printing
  • Recalling ZPL Format and Print
  • Checking Status after Printing
  • EMDK for Xamarin Setup
  • IDE Extension Menu
  • Installing the EMDk Component
  • Implementing IEMDKListener Interface
  • Requesting the EMDK API Instance Object ( ProfieManager )
  • ProfieManager ProcessProfile()
  • Cleaning up ProfileManager References
  • Requesting EMDK API Instance Object ( BarcodeManger )
  • Scanner Init()
  • Using the Scanner
  • Scanner DeInit()
  • BarcodeManger OnPause() / OnResume()
  • Cleaning up EMDK Object References

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