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Remember the days when you would buy the Sunday paper just for the weekly coupons? Going through all the sales fly outs, clipping the ones you were interested in? This marketing approach was to cast a wide net, guessing at what a general cross section of the population might be interested. That approach is so yesterday.


Today businesses want to engage with consumers at a personal level; creating specific offers on products, brands and services that they know the customer is interested in, increasing their odds of a sale. How can they do that? With mobile marketing.


It may seem unbelievable, but it is estimated that today there are over 7.2 billion mobile devices, more mobile devices than people in the world. Ok, so not everyone in the world has a mobile device, but the likelihood of shopper or a hotel guest walking in with a mobile device is very high. For brand marketing, this represents an opportunity to provide a personalized shopper or guest experience based on their preferences; where they like to stay, shop, products or brands they prefer, price range, time of the day they like to shop, or types of amenities they like during their stay at a hotel.


To develop this type of connection, the brand need to have a locationing and analytics platform which not only connects and communicates with their customers, but captures the right analytics which would then be used to develop the proper set of engagements and offers specific for a customer.


In the case of retail, the retailer may want to know that the shopper is in the parking lot or just entered the store to send them the daily specials on their mobile device. The store may want to know the department the shopper is shopping in or even the isle they are in, down to what merchandise they are interested in so they could send a special offer for that day.


For hospitality, the brand would be used the mobile marketing system to welcome guest to the hotel, acknowledge their loyalty level, and let them know which room they are in, or give them a coupon for the lounge while their room is being prepared.


To implement these mobile marketing strategies, the technologies needed to interact with the customer will vary and the analytics will need to be powerful to create the right level of interaction for the ultimate customer experience.


To learn more about these use cases and the platform choices, be sure to join our webinar, Choosing the Right Location Platform to Enable Mobile Marketing, on April 2, 2015.


Motorola Solutions' New Mobile Computer


Join distinguished members of the Motorola leadership team and keynote speaker Ryan Estis for a live interactive video broadcast to introduce our latest mobile computer.


Participate in a live Q&A session with a panel of subject matter experts, enter for free giveaways, and learn how our latest mobile computer is the smart way to build more flexible and efficient workflows in retail, manufacturing, and operations environments.

Click here to Register for the event

With AppForum2014 just over a week away, you barely have time to read this blog before you click on our link to register.  We’ve already given overview of the conference and even provided an email template for you to use to get your manager’s approval to attend. Perhaps that’s why so many members of the app developer community have already made their plans to come to Schaumburg from Sept. 8-10.


For the rest of you late-comers, delay is no longer an option. And just in case you need someone to tell you how important it is to get out of the office and talk to some people about the sea-change that is currently taking place in application development, here are another five reasons to attend AppForum 2014:

1. Get Inspired by the Keynote Speakers

First up is Tom Bianculli, coming to you from Motorola’s Chief Technology Office, who has been working miracles in the Advanced Data Capture space for over 20 years. Tom will be sharing his perspective about data analytics and providing a view from the top about cutting edge technology developments.


Rounding out the morning’s welcome will be Phil Gerskovich, Senior VP of New Growth Platforms at Zebra Technologies.  Phil’s topic is the 24/7 connectivity that the internet makes possible, and how the “Internet of Things” is transforming the way Enterprise does business.


2. Get Intrigued by the Panel Discussion

Take a deep dive into the app development world with Joe White, Bruce Willins, Mark Kirstein, and Tom Bianculli and hear what this extraordinary group of thought leaders has to say about the technologies and trends that are driving innovation.


3. Get Informed with Triple Track Sessions

The sessions at AppForum 2014 will proceed along three tracks—Rhomobile, Android, MSI technologies. There are basic strategy/roadmap sessions for the n00bs, more in-depth discussions and demos for the middle tier, and guru-level learning for the folks who have been around for a while. Find your niche and dig in.


4. Get In-Flight with the Hack-a-Thon

We’re approaching triple digit sign-ups on the Hack-a-Thon challenge. Surely the YouTube Video about the DRONES that will be given away to winners had something to do with the swell of interest around this overnight event. Enter the Hack-a-Thon to claim your own Parrott AR.Drone 2.0 Elite Edition prize.


5. Get In Touch with our Sponsors

The ISVs and internet technology companies leading the charge for Enterprise will also be adding their brand of expertise to AppForum2014. Join ALK, BlueStar, Ingram Micro, the RhoMobile team, ScanSource, and Zebra Technologies to discuss their ground-breaking business solutions.


Commit to AppForum2014 and begin building the next generation of multi-platform apps. (Yes, it’s FREE and we’ll feed you too.) Reserve your place today.

AppForum 2014 is back by popular demand, and of course you and your team want to attend. But standing between you and an all out appfest with the industry’s crème de la crème is the bane of your existence, that ever-growing hurdle that can stop an excellent idea before it even gets off the white board: Manager Approval.

Since AppForum 2014 is rapidly approaching, we’re offering a way to make it easy for you to get the A-OK on attending. Below is a ready-made conference request template for your cutting and pasting pleasure. It highlights the not-to-be-missed aspects of AppForum 2014 so that the power behind the corporate purse can easily see the value that your company will receive in exchange for letting the app developers loose from the office for three days.

Go ahead and revise the following email template as you deem necessary . . .

"Oh Exalted One,

The company’s application developers are hearing good things about AppForum 2014 and seek your permission to attend this event in Schaumburg, Illinois. First off,AppForum 2014 is FREE. There is no cost at all to register and attend. Plus, if we register now, we can enter for a chance to win two nights FREE at the Renaissance Schaumburg conference hotel, plus paid travel expenses up to $350.  We are talking about a truly minimal financial outlay for the entire team to attend.

AppForum 2014 also offers incredible learning opportunities. You know how critical it is for the team to keep current on the most recent innovations. At AppForum 2014 industry-renowned app developers will lead sessions about the latest game-changing technologies, especially Android and RhoMobile. There is no better way for our team to explore the direction that industry trends are taking and determine the next best thing we should all be thinking about.

The team is also champing at the bit to enter the overnight HackaThon. Those so-called app developers over at [INSERT THE NAME OF YOUR RIVAL COMPETITOR HERE] have thrown down the gauntlet, and we are keen to teach them all a well-earned lesson about superior brain power and teamwork. HackaThon winners get a Parrott AR.Drone 2.0 Elite Edition, which is a totally sweet grand prize. We’d love the chance to win the drone as we beat the socks off our competitors.

In addition to a slew of learning sessions on a variety of topics, AppForum 2014 is also offering a Boot Camp for app developers. All of us could use a refresher on the basics, and the team n00bs can gain a deeper understanding of Android, RhoMobile and Microsoft development.

AppForum 2014 will also give the team a chance to connect with the developer community outside the four walls of the office.  It lets us get out from behind the screen to hear about other developer’s tips and tricks, and about the tools and technologies that they use. We also hear that Bruce Willins, Joe White, Mark Kirstein, and Chuck Bolen will all be at App Forum 2014; we’d all benefit from even five minutes with any one of these industry thought leaders.

Since AppForum 2014 is right around the corner (Sept. 8-10), we would appreciate receiving approval at your earliest opportunity.

Many thanks for your consideration,


Do yourself a favor—use this letter template and secure permission to attend AppForum 2014 so you can register today. Perhaps the boss will even decide to join you . . .


Need further convincing? Read the TOP 5 REASONS TO ATTEND APPFORUM 2014 here.

The Application Developer Community is buzzing about AppForum2014, the upcoming three-day event taking place September 8-10 at the Motorola Solutions Briefing & Innovation Center on our sprawling campus in Schaumburg, Illinois. Back by popular demand, this gathering of the industry’s best and brightest is the summer’s most compelling reason to get out from behind the screen.

For those who need a bit of convincing (other than being told that AppForum2014 is FREE and that meals will be served) here are the top five reasons to register without delay:

1.      Discover the latest technologies

App developers know how critical it is to keep up-to-date on the most recent innovations. AppForum 2014 gives you the opportunity to learn about game-changing technologies, including Android and RhoMobile Suite

2.      Learn from the experts

Lead application developers will conduct sessions that explore where the industry trends are headed. Listen to what they are saying to determine the next best thing you should be thinking about.

3.      Connect with the developer community

When application developers engage with others who are addressing like questions and concerns, they hone their skills and create better apps. AppForum 2014 provides a unique opportunity to hear about other developers’ tips and tricks, the tools they rely upon, and the technologies they use.

4.      Get face time with the Thought Leaders

Bruce Willins, the hands-down guru of OS and tech trends, is coming to AppForum 2014. (Here’s Bruce in an interview from the recent Enterprise Apps World event: So are Joe White, Mark Kirstein, and Chuck Bolen. Getting  five minutes with any one of these thought leaders is a valuable prospect in and of itself.

5.      Win the Hack-a-Thon

AppForum 2014 is hosting an overnight marathon hacking contest, complete with copious amounts of coffee and Red Bull.  Add your brain power to the mix and become part of the collective energy that fills the room when developers collaborate around problem solving. At stake (other than your team’s reputation in the field) are first and second place prizes worth a retail value of up to $5,000.

So what are you waiting for? Join the crowd coming to AppForum 2014 and begin building the next generation of multi-platform apps. Reserve your place today.

Check out the video interview with vwh438 at App's World 2014 about OS trends and technology future paths.


It's time for a change! Please join Motorola Solutions and distinguished Industry Analyst David Krebs of VDC plus 2 valued MSI ISV Partners for an in-depth discussion on the operating system evolution, and Motorola's role as a trusted advisor on July 8th - go to register link to register today.


Check out the video at: Click here

Free workshop in Basingstoke on July 9th, 2014.


Are you a developer or do you manage a team of developers and are you considering, or already developing, Android apps aimed at the enterprise or looking at cross-platform development?


Motorola Solutions is excited to announce a series of free to attend technical seminars. The seminars will cover a range of topics and will be rolled out in various locations across Europe over the coming months. The events are free to attend.


Unlock the power in the new Motorola Solutions Android devices by participating in this event which will explain how to build, deploy and manage your Android applications.  Places will be limited and offered on first come, first served basis.


Who should attend:
This event is targeted at developers or developer-managers/software architects who are considering developing Android-based apps for the enterprise or considering cross-platform approach as a possible future development strategy.


Please register now at Developer's Kitchen.

Please join @RhoMobile experts Adam Blum (@AdamBlum), Brad MacKenzie and Ritesh Gupta (@rg263993) for a live Twitter chat on Wednesday, March 5th, at hashtag #RhoChat on Twitter! Learn about the new version 4.1, specific changes, and ask questions of the software managers.  The chat will run from 11am-12pm PDT/1pm-2pm CDT/2pm-3pm EDT on Twitter – use hashtag #RhoChat and follow @RhoMobile to join the conversation.

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