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Q: What does the Global Solution Center (GSC) do?

A:  Global Solution Centers provide application development and testing services to partners and customers to accelerate solutions development and provide assurance before large scale deployments.

Q: Would you explain those services at a glance?

A: Our core services include the following

    • Proof of Concept & Design
    • Application Development JumpStart & Optimization
    • Test & Validation

Q: What is included in the Proof of Concept & Design service?

A: If partners or customers have a solution in mind that can potentially resolve their business problem, the Solution Center can work with them to help assemble the components – mobile devices, peripherals,  software(s) – into an integrated solution and test  out the concept before they are deployed in the field.  During this type of undertaking, a Solution Center engineer may develop a new software interface    and/or find new ways to incorporate various Zebra’s technologies to meet end users’ requirements.

Q: What is the Application Development JumpStart & Optimization service?

A: Application Development JumpStart is a consulting service that the Solution Center provides to partners and/or customers to accelerate their application development on Zebra’s mobile devices.  Whether  it is integrating scanning functionality or porting an existing application to a new platform, Solution Center engineers can help with “How do I?” type questions. 

Solution Centers may provide sample codes or utilities that can accelerate partners/customers’ development cycle; we may provide guidance on deployment with staging and device management.

If partners/customers are further along the app development phase, the Solution Center can also work with them to ensure that the solution performance is optimized on Zebra mobile devices.  Factors like  battery life issues, communication to peripherals (e.g. Bluetooth, DEX, or other serial communications), WAN/WLAN connectivity and other aspects of mobility use cases are considered. Quite often,  issues like memory leaks, random lockups or unexpected app behaviors can be prevented as a result.  When needed, a Solution Center engineer can work with developers directly to conduct code reviews  to  diagnose the issues and provide technical guidance to ensure every aspect of the solution is addressed.

Q: What is the 3rd party App Test & Validation service?

A: Traditionally, Global Solution Centers offered 2 levels of third party application testing to application partners (ISVs) – Compatible and Validated. Compatible evaluates the interoperability of software    running on Zebra mobile devices.  Validated is a higher level testing, which in addition to interoperability, evaluates functionalities of the software. 

Due to requests from direct customers starting in 2015, we are extending this testing service to customers who have developed their own custom applications and would like an independent group to conduct testing before the solution is deployed to their end users. 

Q: Please explain how in practice a consulting service would work. Are they done on-site or remotely?

A: Solution Center engineers can be on-site at customer locations or work with developers remotely.  We also invite partners and customers to visit one of our Solution Centers. Most of the services are  performed remotely. If Solution Center engineers need to be on-site, customers will be required to reimburse T&E.

Q: Where are the Global Solution Centers?

A: There are 4 Solution Centers to serve all 4 regions.  New York Solution Center, located in Holtsville, serves North and Latin America regions.  Brno Solution Center, located in Czech Republic, addresses  the EMEA region. Solution Centers in Beijing, China and Bangalore, India serve partners and customers in the APAC region.  While these regional centers aim to meet local needs, they all execute with  global consistencies and resources can be shifted to meet particular region’s peak workload.

Q: What are the Global Solution Centers’ skills?

A: The Solution Center engineers possess very diverse background and experiences in Enterprise Mobility.  In addition to expertise in traditional programming languages such as C, C#, Java, Java Script, their talents range from network infrastructure to application testing.  The core expertise of Global Solution Centers lies on a unique combination of mobile application development, testing and in depth knowledge on Zebra hardware, various platforms (WEH/CE/Android), and wireless technologies.  With combined 70+ years of experience in mobile computing, application development and testing, the Global Solution Center teams are best suited to help partners and customers with delivering Zebra solutions.

Q:  If I am an ISV why would I work with the Global Solution Centers or Zebra Application Services team? Do I not risk losing my IP?

A: Since our objective is to promote Zebra solutions and facilitate design, development, and implementation of Zebra solutions, ISV’s are not at risk of losing any intellectual properties.  Additionally, a    nondisclosure agreement (NDA) is always in place with PartnerEmpower members. When working directly with customers, Global Solution Centers execute a mutual NDA prior to initiating a project.

Q: If I am an end customer how is the service more competitive than a 3rd party development house?

A: As mentioned previously, Global Solution Centers’ services exist to help partners and customers to utilize Zebra’s solutions. We believe, GSC is most well positioned to help them with Zebra’s hardware  and solutions better than any third party development firms.

Q: If a customer proposes an idea for an application or utility, can we develop it for  them and help  them commercialize it?

A: Our Proof of Concept/Design service may be able to help a customer with an idea for new applications or use cases.  Global Solution Centers often work with OEM and Global Partners to incubate new    solutions.  The Custom Products team may be able to support this effort depending on the scope of the new idea.

Q: Can you provide some examples of how customers proactively utilized Global Solution Centers’ services to improve their mobile solution’s performance and reliability?

A: Two examples are as follows:

    • A Major US Logistics Company

The Solution Center has worked with a large parcel logistics company to set up a fully functional test environment inside our own data center.  This allows our equipment and test devices to stay up-to-date with any changes and updates pushed down by customer and allows our location to appear like any of their facilities.  This test setup permits us and other groups within Zebra to proactively test the custom application along with any updates to our device and also provides a test bed for reproducing any existing reported issues.

    • A Global Beverage Company

Each year an ISV, who specifically develops their application for a global beverage company, visits the Solution Center to validate the latest version of their application on existing devices, as well as new and pre-released devices.  In addition to fleshing out any issues introduced since the last visit, portions of the application code are reviewed - we provide suggestions on how the application can be improved by following some best practices of our device API or even by integrating new API features.

Q: How about examples of the Global Solution Centers’ role in customers/partners with application development?

A: Some examples are a European-based retailer and our internal project, RxLogger.

    • European Retailer

The Solution Center helped develop a proof of concept inventory tracking application that was used by the account team in a training session and sales pitch to a potential customer, who was looking at the MC40 as a next generation device.  The proof of concept included integration of an MQTT client which enabled push notifications without relying on Google Play Services or any cloud services.

    • RxLogger development

The Solution Center led the development of RxLogger, the next generation debug and diagnostic tool for our enterprise devices.  RxLogger was the Android replacement for eMscript monitoring on Windows Mobile/CE.  RxLogger records detailed information about the health of the running system and all applications on it.  It is widely used by customers, partners and internal support personnel alike and now comes preinstalled on all Zebra Android devices.

Q: Do Global Solution Centers have any experience with troubleshooting application issues?

A:  Global Solution Centers often work on troubleshooting application issues, in concert with product engineering and technical support teams.

    • A U.S. Based Food Delivery Company

A customer had deployed a complex solution consisting of multiple Application Partner solutions for delivery tracking, vehicle fleet management, and GPS navigation.  The applications were validated independently previously, however the mix of all three simultaneously caused slow scanning and other issues on the device. The Solution Center worked directly with all 3 application partners to reproduce, troubleshoot, and suggest application changes to allow the applications to run well concurrently without any compromise to performance.

    • European Parcel Service Company/CSP development

Parcel carrier was experiencing issues on the TC55 in certain depots within Germany, where cellular coverage was low and the devices were unable to connect back to the server.  Even purchasing cellular contracts with multiple providers did not help the situation as the device would not switch unless the primary carrier was completely unavailable.  The Solution Center developed a custom CSP plugin to MX that would allow the application to query the state of current available networks and proactively choose the best network to connect to.

Q: Have Global Solution Centers helped partners/customers with application porting?

A: With more customers and partners porting their applications to Android, the Global Solution Centers are engaged in several application porting projects

    • Epicor/U.S. Major Retailer

A partner, Epicor, was developing a payment application on our TC70 device that would integrate with the PD40 Bluetooth payment device.  As the application was being developed with Xamarin, there was no direct access to the device scanner nor PD40 APIs.  The Solution Center provided sample code to Epicor for creating a Xamarin binding for the EMDK and to access the scanner and payment device directly from their Xamarin application.

    • Evaluation of iFactr

iFactr is a cross platform development framework that allows developers to use the familiar C# programming language to develop applications that will run on modern operating systems like Android, iOS, and Windows phone while maintaining backward compatibility with Windows CE and Windows Mobile.  The Solution Center was involved in evaluating this framework by developing a small inventory tracking application that can run on Android and Windows Mobile with a single C# codebase.

    • An U.S. Transportation & Logistics Company

The Solution Center worked side-by-side with customer during the porting of their application from MC75 on Windows Mobile to TC75 on Android.  This included the integration of scanning using Xamarin as well as reviewing code and providing best practices for using the Android Bluetooth API to communicate to peripherals.  The Solution Center is also working to host a live test environment that mimics a real customer distribution center in order to facilitate the rapid resolution of any arising issues and to support the addition of new features.

Q: How about staging and deployment?  Do Global Solution Centers get involved with MDMs?

A:  Global Solution Centers are responsible to test new releases of AirWatch and SOTI across all Zebra Android devices.  Those test results are published on SE Zone. Holtsville and Brno Solution Centers host an instance of AirWatch and SOTI, demo of StageNow.  Some customer engagements on MDM solutions are as follows:

    • Germany-based DYI Retailer

Customer required a specific staging scenario that enabled the use of staging barcodes and four slot Ethernet cradles.  The Solution Center provided instructions and a demonstration video on how to rapidly stage many TC70 devices using SOTI and staging barcodes to assist the account team for delivery to the customer.

    • Turkey-based Retailer

Customer was deploying a large number of ET1 tablets with a custom keyboard configuration and the Enterprise Home Screen.  The Solution Center provided guidance on the staging options available with the ET1.  A custom application was also provided that enabled access to WiFi settings from the Enterprise Home Screen without compromising the security of other system settings.

Q:  How does a partner or customer acquire these Global Solution Centers services?

A: As with other GSS professional services, partners or customers can purchase GSC services using the following SKU’s:  PS-APP-JUMPSTART (for Application Development JumpStart & Optimization)    and PS-APP-TEST-VALD (for test and validation). 

Q: Where can I go to get more information about the Global Solution Centers?

A: Our information can be found on 2 main websites – LaunchPad and PartnerCentralPlease email with any questions.

The Many Benefits of Test Center Participation


When you participate in the Global Solution Center Test programs, you are entitled to a wealth of benefits.


For more information, visit or email us at:


The Global Solution Center

The Global Solution Centers provide resources to application partners and customers for developing and testing end-to-end Enterprise solutions. We offer application and solution testing, account support, application jump start, and create tools to enable sales and development. Our diverse skill-set coupled with our state-of-the-art facilities allow us to be the trusted adviser to the Zebra Technologies partner community. With four locations around the world, we have the global reach to improve applications, share our best practices, provide a facility to test, and help Zebra partners to close deals with customers.


The Validated Solution Program

The Validated Solution Program offers eligible partners the opportunity to serve their customers more effectively by co-validating their software solutions with Zebra Technologies' mobile devices. The program offers the opportunity for the partner and Zebra Technologies to collaboratively test the full functionality of their application against an extensive set of enterprise mobility criteria.

Some of the more recent partner validations are:

ScanIQ’s One Touch Air is a mobile document scanning solution used for mobile users such as transportation, Oil & Gas, Health Care and sales. Drivers and users can transmit hard-copy documents using wireless scanners to emails, FTP servers or back-office ERP systems.

Voicekey’s MPOS is a fast and secure method of collecting real-time mobile payments at all points-of-sale. Using the innovative Zebra Technologies Smart Badge as a mobile bar code scanner, the Voicekey MPOS solution helps improve customer service and increase conversion rates by providing associates with the latest in mobile point-of-sale technology for enhanced shopper engagement.

Wavelink Avalanche ensures workers leverage the most from mobility, and also eases mobile deployment management for the administrator, delivering the most efficient means to update mobile applications on workers’ devices.

SafeBaby Breast Milk Tracking is a bar code management system designed to inventory all sources of nutrition in a NeoNatal ICU.


For more information on other recent validations:


Click2 Demo

Click2Demo is an online library featuring demos of channel partner applications developed for Zebra Technologies' devices.

Some of the more recent Click2 demo postings:

The NextPosition solution gives merchants the ability to use features available in their fixed POS terminal on a mobile device. The mobile client integrates directly with the POS system.  The mobile client uses mobile peripherals such as barcode scanner, MSR card swipe, and network receipt printing.

Price Check & Retag allows viewing retail price/item data and printing shelf/item labels. After entering item SKU/barcode, it searches a repository and display description/selling price. User can change price to be printed on the label and then print new shelf/item tag to an external Zebra printer.

RedBeam Asset Tracking is a fixed asset tracking application designed to track asset moves, adds, and changes, as well as periodic physical inventories.


For more information on the click2 demo program:


Latest Development Tips and Tricks

For more tips and tricks:


Latest Solution Center News

1. The Global Solution Center team is now part of the Global Sales Group headed by Greg Williams. The Global Sales group consists of Global OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers), Global Partners, Global End-User Accounts, Global Solution Centers/certification and Global Technical Enablement.

2. The Global Solution Center conducted functional testing of Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions to help facilitate decision-making when selecting an MDM solution. The tests were performed with the latest releases of SOTI, Airwatch, MSP and Avalanche on the most recent Zebra Android devices, such as the TC70, TC55, MC67, etc. For details of the test performed and test results send a request to

3. Vojtech Robtka from the Solution Center Team based in Brno, CZ has developed a Zatar client for Android. With the recent announcement of Zatar joining the Enterprise Mobility and Visibility group, Vojtech will now work with the Zatar team to ensure the Android client is aligned with the Zatar strategy and roadmap.


More information on Solution Center



Early Adopter Program

The Early Adopter Program provides access to pre-release products for ISVs who want to create applications that will be available at launch.

Some of the benefits include joint marketing visibility, early access to new products for solutions development, Validation/Compatible testing, Click2Demo and AppGallery.

  • Active programs: TC75, TC55 Rev B
  • Ready to start programs: MC9200, MC18, MC40 Rev C

The latest catalog of Android applications can be found here:


For partners that would like to be considered for future Early Adopter Programs, please complete this form:

The Motorola Enterprise Mobility Validated Program offers eligible Channel Partner’s the opportunity to serve their customers more effectively by co-validating their software solutions with Motorola mobile devices, scanners, RFID, wireless infrastructure and mobility management software, as well as third-party devices. The program offers the opportunity to test the full functionality of their application against an extensive set of enterprise mobility criteria. This collaborative testing is conducted with Motorola Enterprise Mobility Center engineers and the Partner representative onsite at one of the Solution Centers Globally.


Learn more about the Motorola Enterprise Mobility Validated program:

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