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3 Posts authored by: Denisa Zaharie


Partner: Portable Technology Solutions

Application: TracerPlus

Application Type: Mobile Inspection, Proof of Delivery, Inventory Management, Asset Tracking, Event Tracking, Field Service, Route Accounting, Retail.

Devices Supported: TC55, TC70, MC40, ET1, MC67

Industries: Education, Energy and Utilities, Government, Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Natural Resources, Professional Services, Public Safety, Retail, Telecom and Media, Transportation and Logistics

Description: Portable Technology Solutions TracerPlus provides the flexible, powerful, and easy to use mobile software platform for your Android and Windows Mobile barcode terminals, phones and enterprise class digital assistants. Whether it be asset tracking, warehouse inventory, mobile inspections, on-site repair service, or any other number of business operations, TracerPlus redefines how you track, move and manage your data.

Click2Demo Link: TracerPlus by Portable Technology Solutions



Partner: Quest Solution

Application: Order Entry

Application Type: Order Entry

Devices Supported: MC40, TC55, TC70

Industries: Healthcare, Retail, Transportation and Logistics


Quest Solution's Order Entry running on a portable device can end the “blind order” aspect of current systems by providing the much needed information to the mobile worker. The quality of information exchanged between your field associates and corporate office determines the efficiency of your process. Order Entry dramatically increases the speed and accuracy of sales orders and field gathered information. Order Entry allows two-way communication to your field personnel – as sales orders are sent in, customer and pricing information is updated on the handheld device. Eliminate the time-consuming and error-prone process of faxing or phoning in orders with legacy equipment. And speaking of legacy equipment, we can migrate most users of acoustic devices into these new devices using our proven communication products such as WTMip.

Click2Demo Link: Order Entry by Quest Solution


Partner: DeltaOne Software, Inc.

Application: Mobile Prompt & Print

Application Type: Data Collection and Printing

Devices Supported: TC70

Industries: Manufacturing, Professional Services, Retail, Transportation and Logistics


DeltaOne Software’s Mobile Prompt & Print is an Android program for data collection and printing to any Bluetooth or network printer. Perfect for printing labels or receipts, you can customize the label templates for your needs. All data is validated and stored locally on the device, and can be imported into your WMS.

Click2Demo Link: Mobile Prompt & Print by DeltaOne Software, Inc.

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