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Company/Partner: 42Q 

Validated Solution: 42Q    

Validated on: IMZ320ZQ320ZT600

Description: 42Q provides an innovative, world-class manufacturing execution solution. Since our solution is cloud-based, setup and management does not require a team of IT experts. There’s no infrastructure to buy or maintain. You simply log-in, configure, then use your new MES solution.

Company/Partner: Xaquin Bugallo del Puerto

Validated Solution: Bugallo Label Editor

Validated on: GK420, QLNs, ZQ320

Description: Design and print labels in an Android device with internal printer drivers.


Features included: Label Editor · Label Print Module With Internal Android Printer Drivers (No PC or Internet Connection required) · Barcode Reader (zXing) - Supported Printers / Protocols: Zebra ZPL (with printer status feedback)

Supported Printers Ports:  Ethernet Wired/Wireless direct to printer · Bluetooth direct to printer · Serial (*Using Wincentral tool, download at · Parallel (*Using Wincentral tool, download at

Supported Field Types: Texts (One line) Voice or keytap input · Paragraphs (Multiple lines) Voice or keytap input · Shapes (Line, Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Circle / Ellipse · Barcodes · Pictures / Logos

Company/Partner: Moving2u

Validated Solution: m2uZebraprinting

Validated on: ZQ300 Series, ZD620

Description: M2UZebraPrinting by Moving2You allows print layouts to be customized to fit different paper dimensions, and certain printed elements can be positioned, formatted or hidden. This app demonstrates the printing reporting engine developed by Moving2U for their line of business mobile apps. Moving2U’s printing engine allows printer lookup over Bluetooth and WiFi and manages any printer errors.

Company/Partner: Kontrolar Soluciones S.A.S.

Validated Solution: Kontrolar Inventario 

Validated on: ZD420, ZD500, ZD500R, ZD620, ZT230

Description: Our Kontrolar Inventory solution guarantees the effective synchronization of the flow of materials, the flow of information, resources, operations, actors within an environment of high variability and volatility in the area of distribution, marketing and commercial as well as in demand. Applies to all kinds of industry, where we make use of the best of the SCM (Supply Chain Management) philosophies. Taking advantage of the available technologies of identification, control and traceability. WMS (Warehouse Management Systems).

Company/Partner: Kontrolar Soluciones S.A. S.

Validated Solution: Kontrolar Produccion

Validated on: ZD420, ZD500, ZD500R, ZD620, ZT230

Description: We give a digital voice to their machines, turning their plant into an intelligent and connected plant, based on the new M2M (Machine to Machine), INDUSTRY 4.0, IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), allowing the automatic taking of data and converting them in information for decision making based on knowledge, in real time and in any place.

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