CoPilot Live Professional by ALK Technologies Inc posted on Click2Demo


Partner: ALK Technologies Inc.
Application:  CoPilot Live Professional
Application Type: Voice-guided, turn-by-turn GPS navigation software
Devices Supported: ET1 WAN
Industries: Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Professional & Consumer Services (Field Mobility), Retail/Hospitality, Telecom & media, Transportation & Logistics, Wholesale Distribution, or Mining, Oil, & Gas
Description: CoPilot Live Professional is a flexible software and services platform, enabling enterprises to deploy integrated, commercial grade turn-by-turn GPS navigation on Motorola Solutions mobile computers as part of a mobile workforce strategy.  Unlike other Android navigation apps, CoPilot Live Professional stores all map data in internal memory on-board the Motorola Solutions mobile computer, using the device’s processor and GPS chipset for optimal route calculation and navigation without reliance on continuous mobile data downloads.
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