Announcing Twitter Chat with RhoMobile Experts

Please join @RhoMobile experts Adam Blum (@AdamBlum), Landon Essig (@landonessig) and Ritesh Gupta (@rg263993) for a live Twitter chat on Thursday, Nov. 14, at hashtag #Rho4Chat on Twitter! Learn about the new version 4.0, specific changes, and ask questions of the software managers. The chat will run from 10a-11a PDT/12p-1p CDT/1p-2p EDT on Twitter – use hashtag #Rho4Chat and follow @RhoMobile to join the conversation.


Thanks to everyone who attended our first live Twitter chat focusing on RhoMobile last week!

During the one-hour chat time, we had about 30 people and companies who posted, with several being developers asking questions about Rho, its next release, questions about future support, etc. Our experts , and were on hand to chat and respond.

A few questions came from David Miller, who is with Fifth Element:

David Miller davidmiller66

#Rho4Chat Critical we get Rhohub support for V4. Rhohub is the definitive starter build solution for new developers. Focus on it?

And Adam’s response:

Adam Blum adamblum

@davidmiller66 top on the list now. A big priority. Yes we are going to be more focused on RhoHub in the future for sure #rho4chat

Here is one sample question we posted:

RhoMobile RhoMobile

With the rapid consumerization of #Enterprise products, how important is it for #rugged devices to adopt a sleek, elegant style? #Rho4Chat


Adam Blum adamblum

rugged devices and enterprise apps in general need to take best practices (styling, UI patterns) to encourage use/reduce training #rho4chat

Kevin Lollock KLollock

@RhoMobile Oooo. Good Q! @MotoSolutions design engineers are coming out with some cool devices for the enterprise! #Rho4Chat

We were also lucky to have Brian Orrell, CTO of Pariveda, join the chat and offer his insights on Rho uses and implementation.

We asked:

RhoMobile RhoMobile

What new technology patterns do you see emerging in Enterprise from mobile device perspective? #Rho4Chat

Brian responded:

Brian Orrell brianorrell

@RhoMobile - Our customers are needing increased scale, increased device support and rock solid security. Rho continues to lead #Rho4Chat

We also got a great response from @Mubaloo –

Mubaloo Mubaloo

@RhoMobile Greater use of native features for driving more innovation with work tools, containerisation of apps, BYOA, BYOx #Rho4Chat

Brian’s company joined in the conversation as well:

Pariveda Solutions Pariveda_Inc

RT @RhoMobile: One case study on how @BrianOrrell and @Pariveda_Inc implemented #RhoMobile - #Rho4Chat


Thu Nov 14 12:49:54 2013

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Please let us know if you're interested in attending any future Tweet chats in the comments here, as well.