Hi All,


I just started to use DPX. For the moment I have tried the demo and it is wonderful. Congrats!!


Now I try to create my own template and I have started with a simple sample


I want to use OCR on my business card


But I didn't uderstand how work Regular expression


On my Business card on the left I have FIRST NAME and LAST NAME  (  Sébastien Laporte)


What is the syntax? I need to type ^[a-z-\s]+$ ?


When I test my template, the application always recognize a part of my first name and last name  (  bastien aporte )


I believe that it is cause of capital letter and accent  (  bastien Laporte  )

So what it is the expression for have Capital letter, accent and minuscule?


( Tomorrow I will do a test with Passport )