Known Issues

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The following is a list of the currently known issues and nuances associated with the various components of the DPX solution. This list will be updated as more issues come about and as issues are fixed. Before posting an issue, please ensure that it is not already captured on this page. If you have additional issue(s) to report, please do so by replying on this thread, so that we can capture all of the issues in one place.


Template Builder

Version 2.29

-Regions can only be created by dragging from the top-left corner to the bottom-right corner

-Barcodes will only always be output if you check the "Use field to identify form" and "Also read value from field" boxes. Currently a bug limits the number of these regions on a form to 3 Fixed in 2.35

-Only check the "Barcode's location is fixed" box if the barcode type is PDF417. Other symbologies may work and you can try them, but are considered unstable

-Checking "Signature presence" for picture regions currently creates incorrect behavior where the signature region is only output if there is content inside Fixed in 2.35

-When uploading a form, please ensure that when you crop out the extra white space around it either in an image editing program beforehand, or do so very accurately right after the form is uploaded on the TB

-Grouped regions currently do not work; as a result, do not place any regions into groups Fixed in 2.35

-Barcode regions must be specified uniquely (i.e. combination of barcode type, starts with/contains characters, and string length must be unique for every barcode). Not doing so may result in only one barcode being scanned. In most cases, users would be specifying barcodes uniquely anyway

-File --> Close results in the exiting of the page in Chrome. The intention is most likely to close the current template, if one is open.

-Cannot open a template in the Public folder properly.

-In the Help page --> Character Set, HTML is formatted incorrectly. Fixed in 2.35


Version 2.35


Showcase App

Version 2.0a 20131126

-Fetching templates from server does not work Fixed in 2.0a 20131217


Version 2.0a 20131217

Device Software

Version 24.0alpha

-Flash stays on when viewing results Fixed in 25.0alpha

-Selecting European languages in the Template Builder will not correspond to European character output Fixed in 25.0alpha


Version 25.0alpha