SB1 - New BSP 36.3 - Updated RDT (Rapid Deployment Tool), Package Builder

1.       New RDT Version:


  Note - this update includes a new release (1.1.7) of the MSP Package Builder

2.       SB1 OS36.3 is now officially released and available on our support portal here:


This release includes major improvements in system performance, and several new features that provide better usability and memory management.


1.      Fusion Software X_2.

2.      Team Express version 1.1.63

3.      Shell version 2.8.3

4.      AirBeam Client v07.08.42

5.      RD Client v07.08.42


Release Notes



  • Added support for all new SB1 Integrated Audio SKU (a.k.a. SB1-IAS)
  • Standalone Reboot Feature.
  • Standalone weekly re-boot is enabled by default to improve memory performance of device.
  • Notification to user on accidental suspend of device.
  • Improved Wi-Fi performance in low coverage areas.
  • More accurate signal strength indication.




  • Improved overall function in Boot-Loader, Display, Image Processing, Audio
  • Fixed few functional issues in wireless, PTT Express and Settings that exhibited right after coldboot
  • Shell Application have control to choose first SIP mode as Alpha or Numeric
  • Shell Applications have a control of decimal in SIP for Currency fields.
  • Shell application can launch SIP keypad on Text field automatically without clicking.
  • During page transitions a hour glass will be displayed instead of white screen while waiting for a response from remote server.
  • Barcode scanner enabled after device being idle in badge mode.