Developer Summer Webinar Series, register today

Mark your calendars for this monthly series, providing you a 30 minute snapshot of timely topics that you need to know now!

  1. On May 27th, the first in this series, our experts discussed the new Enterprise Development Kit (EMDK) for Android.
    1. Covered EMDK 2.0 which adds profile management and battery information to the Data Capture APIs.
    2. Profile Management capabilities are covered in detail.
    3. Roadmap for future EMDK releases.
    4. Overview of documentation and sample code.
    5. Recording Available here.
  2. On June 24th, our experts gave an overview of Enterprise Android with GMS and without GMS
    1. What are Google Mobile Services (GMS).
    2. What are the disadvantages of using GMS.
    3. What are alternatives to GMS.
    4. Recording Available here.
  3. On July 29th, 11:00 a.m. EDT, Please join us for a detailed look at MX for Android, MDMs, and staging Enterprise Android Devices
    1. Learn about Motorola Solution's MX for Android.
    2. Covers the use of Mobile Device Managers (MDMs) in Enterprise Android deployments.
    3. Explore ways to stage Android devices.
    4. Register here.
  4. On August 26th, 11:00 a.m. EDT, Please join us for a detailed look at Mobile Enterprise Application Development Frameworks
    1. Learn about mobile application development frameworks
    2. .NET to Android.
    3. Native vs. HTML5
    4. MVC and ORM Frameworks.
    5. Register here.