With AppForum2014 just over a week away, you barely have time to read this blog before you click on our link to register.  We’ve already given overview of the conference and even provided an email template for you to use to get your manager’s approval to attend. Perhaps that’s why so many members of the app developer community have already made their plans to come to Schaumburg from Sept. 8-10.


For the rest of you late-comers, delay is no longer an option. And just in case you need someone to tell you how important it is to get out of the office and talk to some people about the sea-change that is currently taking place in application development, here are another five reasons to attend AppForum 2014:

1. Get Inspired by the Keynote Speakers

First up is Tom Bianculli, coming to you from Motorola’s Chief Technology Office, who has been working miracles in the Advanced Data Capture space for over 20 years. Tom will be sharing his perspective about data analytics and providing a view from the top about cutting edge technology developments.


Rounding out the morning’s welcome will be Phil Gerskovich, Senior VP of New Growth Platforms at Zebra Technologies.  Phil’s topic is the 24/7 connectivity that the internet makes possible, and how the “Internet of Things” is transforming the way Enterprise does business.


2. Get Intrigued by the Panel Discussion

Take a deep dive into the app development world with Joe White, Bruce Willins, Mark Kirstein, and Tom Bianculli and hear what this extraordinary group of thought leaders has to say about the technologies and trends that are driving innovation.


3. Get Informed with Triple Track Sessions

The sessions at AppForum 2014 will proceed along three tracks—Rhomobile, Android, MSI technologies. There are basic strategy/roadmap sessions for the n00bs, more in-depth discussions and demos for the middle tier, and guru-level learning for the folks who have been around for a while. Find your niche and dig in.


4. Get In-Flight with the Hack-a-Thon

We’re approaching triple digit sign-ups on the Hack-a-Thon challenge. Surely the YouTube Video about the DRONES that will be given away to winners had something to do with the swell of interest around this overnight event. Enter the Hack-a-Thon to claim your own Parrott AR.Drone 2.0 Elite Edition prize.


5. Get In Touch with our Sponsors

The ISVs and internet technology companies leading the charge for Enterprise will also be adding their brand of expertise to AppForum2014. Join ALK, BlueStar, Ingram Micro, the RhoMobile team, ScanSource, and Zebra Technologies to discuss their ground-breaking business solutions.


Commit to AppForum2014 and begin building the next generation of multi-platform apps. (Yes, it’s FREE and we’ll feed you too.) Reserve your place today.