iFactr welcomes participants to AppForum2014 which is kicking off in Schaumburg, Illinois. The application developer ecosystem is iFactr’s core as an organization, and given the disruptive transformation that the space is undergoing we are focused on easing the transition for developers and enterprises.

It’s one of the main reasons that iFactr is committed to sponsoring AppForum 2014—because this is the event where we are certain to engage our target community.  Over the next few days, we hope to gain intimate contact and exposure to the folks who are developing and managing applications on rugged mobile computers. We’re also looking forward to building our partnership with Motorola and continuing to successfully support our mutual customers.

With Microsoft breaking backwards compatibility after holding a virtual monopoly for over a decade, the rugged computer market is undergoing a significant transformation. This is an all-out war for OSes fighting for a dominant position, and given the relatively long refresh cycle of rugged hardware, many enterprises are faced with significant challenges and uncertainties. Our goal is to help enterprises navigate this successfully, and our solutions offer the ability to modernize their existing investments and future proof their mobile applications.

iFactr provides the only migration path for legacy Windows Mobile-based applications to a fully-OS agnostic state.  So for Motorola customers that need to move from Windows Mobile to Android, iFactr eliminates the obstacles stemming from the breaking of backwards compatibility, and gives the enterprise an insurance policy against whatever change the future holds.

We are very excited to see how this current era of OS uncertainty will be resolved from the perspective of the developer of rugged line-of-business applications. This space is actively changing, and we are looking forward to engaging in dialogue with as many folks as possible to get their perspective.

Let’s continue this discussion at AppForum2014. We’ll see you there . . .