Amazon's Dash Wand Scans Barcodes

The latest Amazon gizmo communicates with Alexa to access information or place orders either verbally or by scanning a barcode.


Robots Are Now Unpacking Palettes

A California start-up has developed a self-teaching robot that can take apart a shipment regardless of the size and shape of its contents.


What Can Google Tango Do for Retail?



Take a Crash Course in Tango

Google is preparing to take Tango into the real world. If the Lowe's video above sparked some interest, then bookmark the Tango page and make it a regular stop.


Everyone Apparently Has a Digital Twin

It was only a matter of time before the modern-day dopplegänger found its way into the bitstream.


What Good Are 5G Networks?

Just two years from now, mobile devices will have more bandwidth at their disposal than enterprise app developers know what to do with.


Look Out Intel; Little Processors Are Coming

Like millions of tiny ants operating with a singular purpose, the small chips that power most mobile devices have combined to overtake the once-mighty x86-based supercomputer.


How the Barcode Revolutionized Retail

Inventions such as the telephone, the automobile, antibiotics and the internet are among the small number of things that have literally changed the world. Does the barcode belong on that list?