Android O APIs: Final Answer

Advice from Google's VP of Engineering on how to get apps ready and ensure a smooth transition to the O-dessert's sweetness.


About Google's Object Detection API

From the minds of Google researchers comes the TensorFlow Object Detection API; use it to train IoT apps to better figure out what they're seeing.


Image credit: Michael Miley, original image.


Blocking Comparison-Shopping at Whole Foods?

On the heels of its $13.7 billion purchase of supermarket chain Whole Foods, Amazon has revealed that in late May it was granted a patent for "Physical Store Online Shopping Control" which describes ways to block a consumer price-shopping scenario.


Analysts Predict Tech-Centric Retail Wars

With Amazon getting into the bricks-and-mortar grocery business, analysts at JP Morgan Chase expect other major supermarket companies to respond with high-tech efforts to increase efficiencies.  


Swedish Firm Testing Clerk-Free Store in China

With a decidedly futuristic feel, high-tech startup Wheelys has created a grocery store on wheels that visits college towns to cash in on calorie-starved all-nighters.


Augmented Reality in Manufacturing, Design

Companies are saving millions in R&D costs by using "virtual" prototypes before physical ones.


Nokia Tries to Reinvent Itself with VR

The reality for Nokia is that its mobile-phone platform was once the worldwide market leader and now it's not. Can the company stage a comeback with a platform for digital wellness?


Wearable Tech: Old Meets New

Wearable technology in yoga pants might help improve your downward dog, but is this a pre-cursor to efficiencies in manufacturing, logistics and elsewhere in the enterprise? 


Carnegie Mellow Makes Robot Building Easy



Kuka Wants to Make Your Robot

The market for domestic robots in the next decade is expected to reach $4.4 billion, and the company that's making them for Boing and Tesla also wants to make them for you.