Translating Headset Handles Eight Lingos

Four years in the making, TranslateOne2One is from an Australian startup and taps the brain of IBM's Watson for real-time translation.


Researchers at MIT Offer Ransomware Advice

As fears from Wannacry subside, a new and more dangerous threat appears to exploit the same vulnerability.


The Mobile Retail Trend Continues to Accelerate

In a recent post, we reported about the appetite for a grocery store on wheels. This week the mobile shiny object is jewelry.


Mobile Jewelry is One Thing. But a Mobile Mall?

Can't get to the mall? Maybe the mall can come to you TechCrunch ponders the idea of mobile mass retail and how it might look.


Low-Power Sensors Mean High-Value Wearables

A power-efficiency breakthrough at UC San Diego shows promise for tackling one of the primary challenges for wearable devices.


Verily Life Sciences Crunching the Wearable Numbers

A Google spin-off company will gather data from 10,000 participants over four years to help predict medical emergencies.



Roll Your Own Wireless Charging

For organizations dissatisfied with the wireless charging solutions available today, Powercast offers a do-it-yourself kit.


Robots Offer Assistance at Airports

Here's a worker that can help travelers find gates and restrooms, and doesn't mind pitching in with the cleaning.