Adobe Flash Faces End-of-Life in 2020

The end of an era awaits web media playback, as Adobe prepares to end support for Flash. It's being replaced by simpler, open technologies such as HTML5.


Multiple Sensors Are Key To Self-Driving Cars


MIT Tech Review explains why sensor variety is critical for keeping people safe in and around autonomous autos.


RFID Tags Help Straighten the Sheets

UK-based laundry service company tracks thousands of bed sheets as they come in after use by sewing RFID tags into the hems.


Google Packages, Re-brands Security Measures

With Google's so-called Play Protect, everything old is new again. The term refers to scanning of the device and Play Store, plus other features available for years.


A 'Street View' of the International Space Station


Internals of the ISS are now part of Google Maps; the video explains how it was done.


iRobot Wants to Sell Roomba Floorplan Data

It's one thing to invite someone to map the interior of your home. It's quite another for the maid to sell that data without permission.


London, New York City to Bring Phone Booth Into Modern Age

Once a thing of science fiction and the World's Fair, video phones could be popping up in New York and the UK thanks to a project funded by Alphabet.


'Sting-Ray' Attacks a Problem in Low-End Phones

A flaw found recently in 3G and 4G networks permits location tracking, even with their harder-to-crack encryption protocols.