Finding 'Nearby Connections' Gets Easier

Google in July added higher bandwidth and offline capabilities to its Nearby Connections 2. API. An Android engineer with smart-appliance maker June Oven takes a look.


Microsoft Jumps Into Blockchain With Both Feet

Redmond has unveiled an all-in strategy for supporting cryptocurrency centered around an Azure-based enterprise blockchain service and development framework.


Android Developers: Learn From the Pros

Here are 30 easy-to-digest pointers from Google-certified professional Android developer Aritra Roy that are designed to boost your game.


The World's First AI-written Album Set to 'Break Free'



Android Studio 3, Beta 2 Released

The latest version moves to a newer build of IntelliJ and fixes a compiler exception thrown when using Java 8 with API 19 or higher.


Microsoft Seeks Defect Bounty Hunters

Looking to boost security of Windows 10, Microsoft in late July launched a bug-hunting program with offers to pay as much as $250,000 USD for the most serious threats.


A Practical Application of Bluetooth Low Energy, Part 1

Looking for a complete code sample that connects two devices with Bluetooth Low Energy? Software developer Andrew Lunsford of development consultancy Big Nerd Ranch delivers.


Google Updates 'Android of Things'

Developer Preview 5 is now based on Android O (API level 26), introduces a device management API (for doing reboots and such) and supports more boards.