Each month, we'll talk about the latest tech trends and provide an overview of past and upcoming Zebra Dev events. Here's our inaugural podcast on our new SoundCloud channel. 


This month, Dan Quagliana, Head of Global Developer Relations and Mark Jolley, Sales Engineer, Strategic Sales & Developer Engagement, discuss recent and upcoming events as well as top tech topics including: 


APPFORUM 2017 - The Wrap Up

Learn more about APPFORUM 2017 here.


Upcoming Events - Next Up! !

Watch for us at droidcon Berlin 2017!


LifeGuard - The Next Step in Android Security

Check out Zebra Technologies' LifeGuard™ for Android™.


EAI - Enteprise Asset Intelligence

Learn about our new EAI Accelerator Program here.


We'll be back in September, watch our news for more information soon!


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