Company Name: The Descartes Systems Group

Validated Solution: Descartes Mobile

Devices Validated: TC75X, TC56

Region: NALA


About  https/Descartes Mobile

Descartes Mobile™ reflects the range of mobile needs of the customer and each solution improves operational efficiencies through real-time data exchange with your mobile resource. By keeping the entire enterprise up-to-date on actual status, companies can be more responsive to the fluid nature of business, and customer satisfaction improves due to better visibility.


A recognized innovator in fleet management solutions, Descartes has offered market-proven routing and scheduling solutions for over 30 years. With extensive logistics expertise and a leadership tradition in wireless and messaging, Descartes has deployed advanced delivery applications across thousands of mobile resources. Descartes has also made a significant investment into its broad mobile offering, attaining field level experience with an international client base.


Descartes Mobile provides integrated two-way wireless communication and advanced tracking, monitoring and reporting capabilities for enhanced logistics execution by enabling fleet managers to interact with their drivers and field personnel in real time. While many competitive solutions are just simple data collection tools, Descartes’ robust mobile solutions can seamlessly integrate with the route plans, collect comprehensive information and enable dispatchers to provide mobile resources with real-time updates.


Wireless Without the Headache

Our leading-edge technology is flexible and modular. Our mobile applications operate across a broad range of mobile platforms including Windows Mobile® and Android™. We support an extensive variety of devices to support our customers’ unique needs, budgets and technology strategies.