The well attended, rapidly paced droidcon Berlin 2017, proved to be a successful event with a plethora of sessions varying in topics from IoT, security, augmented reality with Kotlin used in most of the presentations. Add in a Barcamp where the “un conference” sessions are planned and happen on the spot based on the interest and expertise of those attending. Joining the Barcamp was our own Pietro Maggi, Zebra Developer Evangelist, who stepped in to talk about Barcode Scanning on Android. There was high interest in this technology and those that stuck around for the Barcamp stayed for Pietro’s discussion so it was well attended and well received. One participant posed an interesting question: “When will barcodes go away?”  Good question with a simple answer: no time soon. There is no technology as pervasive, inexpensive, and simplistic that will take its place -at this time.


Day two, Pietro Maggi, Zebra, a frequent speaker at droidcon and other events, led a new, impactful session for attendees this year entitled Android Security: An Enterprise Perspective. Addressing Zebra security, Pietro introduce our LifeGuard Security for Android. Zebra’s LifeGuard adds years of security support beyond the norm for OS and your devices. Frequent and easy updates from LifeGuard will enhance security along with easy to install options that you can upload either locally, remotely or via EMM ( Enterpise Mobility Management).



Join our Zebra Dev Team at some upcoming droidcon events! We’ll be attending, sponsoring and speaking at several droidcon events this year including New York, San Francisco and London.